Alternative Chacabuco – A Lasalle Scenario

Francisco of Argentina and Texas has done some thinking about Lasalle for South American War of Independence. He calls the variant “Necoechea” after a renowned Argentine cavalry commander of the war. One of the first things Francisco tried was a variant of Chacabuco. I have fairly cheekily reproduced it here. Note: this is not the same “Alternative Chacabuco” that John Fletcher published.

Historical Situation

Setting: Chacabuco, Chile; 12 Feb 1817

The battle is based on a what if scenario for the battle of Chacabuco. San Martin finished crossing the Andes with his army early in 1817, and in a fast action managed to engage and defeat a royalist army on Feb 12 before they could even be reinforced.

In this scenario we assume that the patriot army advances more cautiously giving the royalists time to bring reinforcements. The battle takes places in the surroundings of the Chacabuco farm ( instead of the original battlefield, slightly to the north).

The patriots advance on the farm in two divisions just as the royalists are about to take positions to await reinforcements from Santiago de Chile.

The patriot army took the role of attacker and the royalist took the role of defender ( the royalist chose the side of the table and deployed first). I did my best to get armies that would seem balanced.


Note from Steven: It is obvious from the photo that Francisco didn’t use the map from John Fletcher’s book. In fact he set up a balanced table then let the royalist chose the side of the table on which to deploy. The Patriots deployed on the other sdie.

Francisco's Table

Francisco’s Table

Patriot Player


Defeat the Royalists.

Forces Available

Patriot Order of Battle – Central Division

  • CiC: General Don Jose de San Martin
  • Central Division
    • Sub Commanders : Bernardo O’Higgins , Gregorio Las Heras
    • No 1 Chilean Infantry Bt – amat/reliab/SK 1
    • onverged Grenadiers and Cazadores (skirmishers) companies from bats. 7 and 8 in one unit – exp/valiant/SK 2
    • No 7 and No 8 Argentine inf bats. – exp/reliable/SK 0 ( since their skirmishers are deployed )
    • Three squadrons of Argentine Horse Grenadiers converged in one unit – large unit exp/valiant/shock/pursuit
    • one horse battery of four light guns


Deploy second and take first turn.

Reserves Off-table

Patriot Order of Battle – Reinforcement Division

  • Sub commander : Soler
  • *No 11 Argentine inf bat. – exp/reli/SK 1 *Cazadroes de los Andes inf bat. – exp/rel/SK 2
  • *one squadron of horse grenadiers + one squadron of the general’s personal escort converged in one unit – exp/valiant/shock/guard
  • * one battery of horse artillery with two light guns

Royalist Player


Defeat the Patriots.

Forces Available

Royalist Order of Battle – Chacabuco

  • CiC: Mariscal Marco del Pont Sub commander Rafael Maroto
  • Chiloe/Talavera/Concepcion inf bats. – exp/rel/SK 1
  • Converged grenadiers from all inf bats. – exp/valiant/SK 0
  • Chillan inf bat – amat/rel/SK 2
  • two skirmish bases from the valdivia battalion
  • one battery of foot artillery with two light guns
  • one unit of Dragones de la Frontera – exp/valiant/shock


the royalist chose the side of the table and deployed first

Reserves Off-table

Royalist Order of Battle – Reinforcements

  • large unit of combined squadrons of Concordia Hussars and Carabineros de Abascal – exp/rel/pursuit large unit
  • unit of Dragones de Chillan – amat/rel
  • one horse battery with two light guns

Victory Conditions

As Lasalle.

Game Length

As Lasalle.

Scenario Special Rules




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