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What I call the “Lebanon War” covers the various conflicts in Lebanon 1975-2001. I’m primarily interested in Operation Peace for Galilee (1982-84) but I’ll be collecting notes on the entire Lebanese Civil War (1975-90) and Israeli occupation (1982-2001). This period is interesting to me because after many years of warfare depending almost exclusively on armour the Israelis and their foes reverted to more infantry focused tactics – partially because the infantry anti-tank weapons had become quite effective and partly because of the nature of the terrain being fought over (urban and mountains).

General Tactical Observations from the 1982 Lebanon War

Ideas mostly taken from the MOUT page for Operation Peace for Galilee

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Timeline of the Lebanon War

The War in Lebanon can be divided into these periods (Hiro, 1993):

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Warring Factions of the War in Lebanon

This is just a cursory look at the armed groups in the period of the Lebanese Civil War (1975+) through the 1982 Lebanon War and who was fighting who.

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Wargaming Scenarios for the War in Lebanon

Some thoughts for scenarios in the Lebanon War.

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Arab Order of Battle in the War in Lebanon

A place holder for the order of battle used by the Arab forces – whether Christian, Muslim, Shia, Sunni, Druze, Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian – during the 1982 Lebanon War. I don’t have a lot here at the moment. I understand the Lebanese Militias operated in fairly ad hoc formations.

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Israeli Order of Battle in the 1982 Lebanon War

Some rough notes on the Israeli Order of Battle for the Lebanon War.

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