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Tarnopol Matrix – An Engle Matrix Campaign

Tarnopol Matrix Campaign Map

“Tarnopol Matrix” uses Engle Matrix Games mechanisms for a wargaming campaign within the historical context of siege of Tarnopol in Mar-Apr 1944.

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3 Round Tarnopol – A Crossfire Campaign

3 Round Tarnopol uses the 3 Round Campaign mechanisms within the historical context of Tarnopol for a Crossfire campaign. The structure of the game guarantees three different Crossfire games are played from a possible set of five scenarios.

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Race Through Normandy – A Crossfire Campaign

This three round Crossfire campaign simulates both the fighting in the bocage in Normandy, June 1944, but also the competitive spirit prevailing between the American and British / Commonwealth forces fighting in Europe. Nominally the campaign represents the Canadian drive on Caen and the US drive on St Lo. It is a version of the Race for … X Campaign.

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“Race for … X” Crossfire Campaign

A Race for … X mini-campaign can be used anywhere where two friendly forces are competing to reach the same objective – the “X” of the title. The campaign mechanisms are based on some work by Martin Rapier as modified by Huda (2003). I have tried to make it more generic than either of the originals, and also show how to apply the mechanisms in Crossfire.

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Race Through Normandy – Crossfire Order of Battle

The forces in each session of the Race Through Normandy Campaign have to be arranged so the Allies have about 2 to 1 odds in terms of points – the Allies are expected to win, although it might be tough. What follows is the Orbat for a Huge campaign.

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3 Round Kursk: A 3 Game Campaign for Crossfire

Kursk 3 Round Campaign

This is a 3 Round Campaign set at Kursk in 1943 and Crossfire as the tactical rules.

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Krasny Bor Campaign: Phase 2 – Consolidate gains

Krasny Bor Campaign - Phase 2 Tables

Phase 2 of the Krasny Bor Campaign is for consolidation and each Soviet player has different objectives. It ends at 13.00 hours and is fought on the Rear tables.

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Krasny Bor Campaign: Phase 1 – Break the line

Krasny Bor Campaign - Phase 1 Tables

Phase 1 of the Krasny Bor Campaign is the Soviet attempt to breakthrough the Spanish Front Line troops and get as many troops as possible into the Spanish rear for use in Phase 2. It starts at 08.00 hours and is fought on the Front tables.

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Krasny Bor Campaign – A Crossfire Campaign featuring the Blue Division

Krasny Bor Campaign - All Tables

In mid-2003 the guys at the Shed asked me to set up a scenario for a weekend bash. The parameters they outlined were: WW2, Crossfire, 8-9 players (optional umpire), 4 tables, 2 real days of gaming, and BIG. Krasny Bor appealed to me for a number of reasons:

It involves the Spanish Blue Division It is very BIG There aren’t many tanks It is seemingly one-sided, and I wondered if I could still make it a good game.

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Arnhem 17-25 Sep 1944

In the English speaking world at least, Arnhem is one of the defining battles of World War II. Vince Lody from the Shed ran a multi-player Crossfire game based on the last stand of the Paras at Arnhem. A last stand poses certain challenges for a scenario designer, i.e. you know the defender has to lose, so I wondered what other aspects of the battle would make for interesting gaming. I’ve sketched out the course of the battle and outlined what I think might make interesting scenarios.

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Multiplayer Pocket – A Three Table Crossfire Scenario

Map Pocket All Tables

I was asked to run a one-day Crossfire game for 6-8 members of the Guildford Wargames Club. This is what I came up with. It was designed to use all the WW2 / Eastern Front infantry I had at the time – one battalion a side – plus supporting equipment, however, with play testing I decided to increase the forces of each player to at least 1 company. This meant the total forces on each side ended up being 4 Infantry Companies + 1 Infantry Platoon + 2 AFV + 2 or 3 ATG.

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Big Crossfire – Campaigns and Multiplayer Games for Crossfire

I like big games – either campaigns or multiplayer. A few of my Crossfire ideas are along those lines.

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