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Using a Figures in Comfort Case for Storing 15mm Tanks

Figures in Comfort Mini Case

One winter’s evening in London I was loading my car with Crossfire kit to take to a club game. It was getting dark and just starting to rain. That was, of course, just the moment I dropped my box of 15mm tanks on the pavement. Over the next 30 minutes I was on hands and knees in the rain and dark trying to find the precious panzers. Luckily I managed to recover all of the vehicles but some received irreparable damage.

I never want to repeat that experience so, at the next show I went to, I picked up

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Hiding Troops in the Open in Crossfire

Crossfire allows troops to start the game hidden in features. Troops are not allowed to start the game hiding outside a feature, i.e. in the open. If we expand the concept of “hidden” from “hiding behind a tree” to “hidden from enemy sight” then hiding in the open should be allowed. What to do?

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Vince’s 6mm Crossfire

Vince's 6mm Crossfire

Vince Lody sent through some photos of his 6mm Crossfire. His games look amazing but they happen on tiny tables.

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Martin Groat’s Three Player Crossfire

I’ve found an odd number of players is awkward in Crossfire. So awkward I haven’t really done it. So I ended up as an observer when our fourth player didn’t turn up for our 92nd Naval in Stalingrad game. It would have been nice to have played so I’m revisiting how to play a three player game. Luckily Martin Groat has a method to play Crossfire with three players.

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What to use for Crests in Crossfire

Crests as Low Hills

I’ve tried several variations on HTD Crests so I thought I’d share some of them.

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Challenges of Insurgent Warfare for Crossfire

Portuguese Convoy

My Portuguese Colonial War project has stalled. I’ve got the forces for both insurgents and Portuguese security forces. I’ve got palms for jungle. I should be ready to game but instead I’ve stalled.

My problem is figuring out how to wargame the the common Combat Missions in the Portuguese Colonial War when using Crossfire. Combat missions of a insurgency are different to conventional warfare such as World War II. So, as a step forward I thought I’d jot down my thoughts about these challenges. I’m not trying to solve those problems just articulate them clearly. These problems are probably

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How to Track Fire Missions (FM) in Crossfire

Galt Fun Buttons

Crossfire artillery and mortars use Fire Missions (FM) and you have to keep track of how many you’ve still got left. This is pretty much the only book keeping in the game. Here are a few things I’ve tried for tracking the FM used/remaining.

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Prettier Orders of Battle for Crossfire

Order of Battle - German Defender - Weak

For convenience I use indented lists for my orders of battle in my Crossfire scenarios. But, inspired by those of Flames of War, I have wondered whether I should move to a prettier format. Okay, not with silhouettes of troops or whatnot, but a bit more graphic. This is what I came up with.

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Low Fire – No Fire Replacement in Crossfire

Some people don’t like the No Fire rule in Crossfire. Some people just drop it completely and others suggest variations on ‘Low Fire’.

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Period Specific Variants of Crossfire

I realised I’ve got a few period specific versions of Crossfire on my site so I thought I’d put links to them all in one place.

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Crossfire Inside a Giant Stalingrad Factory

Some musing on playing Crossfire entirely inside a giant Stalingrad factory.

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Defining “Within a Stand Width” of Buildings in Crossfire

Some musing on the definition of “Within a Stand Width” in the context of buildings in Crossfire. See also Defining “Within a Stand Width”.

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Science Fiction Variant of Crossfire

Roby from Italy asked my advice on Sci-FI Crossfire. I’m no expert on science fiction but here’s some ideas …

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Visibility in Crossfire with Different Terrain and Troop Profiles

In my musings on Desert Warfare using Crossfire I starting thinking about the possibility that different terrain and/or troops might be different heights. As it happens Blitzkrieg Commander implements this concept. Here is how it could work in Crossfire.

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Converting from I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (IABSM) to Crossfire

I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (IABSM) by Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner, like Crossfire, is a company level set of rules for WW2. I’m not interested in moving from Crossfire but the Two Fat Lardies, the publisher of IABSM, put out some nicely presented scenarios and campaign supplements that I’d like to use. One such supplement is B’Maso! The winds of change wars in Africa and I’m keen to try out some of the ideas. You’ll need those books to make sense of this.

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