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Using the Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock for Crossfire

Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock

It is rather embarrassing but I’ve had my Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock for nearly two years, have tried to use it for a Crossfire game twice and failed both times. Most recently for Operation Crossfire. The trouble is that this is a complicated clock because it is for competitions, we hardly ever use it, and we leave it to the last minute to figure out how to use it. Disaster. This time I thought I’d write a few notes to remind myself for next time.

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Converting from Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) to Crossfire

ASL Cover

Some musing on Converting from Squad Leader (SL) or Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) to Crossfire. I don’t claim to be an expert on these SL or ASL, in fact I admit to virtual ignorance, but I have found some ASL scenarios I wanted to convert to Crossfire, so wanted some guidelines. Steve Burt made some suggestions on the Yahoo Discussion Forum and his site which seemed a good starting point, I’ve just fleshed them out.

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Guidelines for Creating Crossfire Scenarios

My Scenario Template outlines the things to consider in creating a new Crossfire scenario. But that is the easy bit; the hard bit is filling in the gaps to create a balanced and fun game. I’ve some advice on bits of that process:

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Umpire Ploys – How to Spice Up a Wargame

Nikolas Lloyd suggest some ploys the umpire can use to spice things up if a table gets bogged down. Lloyd suggested them in the context of Crossfire but they apply equally to other rules.

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