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A draft Crossfire scenario, either because the scenario is not complete or it hasn’t been play tested

Water Party – Scenario Design Experiment for Crossfire and Fogo Cruzado

PCWW-14 More insurgents

Immediately following our successful experiment on Ambush scenarios for the Portuguese Colonial War, Jamie Wish and I tried another type of scenario. The goal of our second game was to defend a water party, which is an idea from FNG of Two Hour Wargames. Of course, our version of the scenario was for Crossfire and my Fogo Cruzado variant.

As a scenario design experiment, this one failed in a pretty spectacular fashion. But maybe I’m biased because Jamie won, and very quickly. 😉 Anyway, the good news is that we learnt a few things.

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African Ambush – Scenario Design Experiment for Crossfire and Fogo Cruzado

PCWA07 Portuguese patrol entering village

I’m in the process of writing a solo campaign for Portuguese Colonial War called “African Tour”. This process has been dragging on for years. Instead of sitting with my computer imagining what might make a good game, I decided to experiment with some of my ideas. So I invited Jamie Wish over, we got out my (previously unused) figures and tried an ambush scenario for Crossfire and my Fogo Cruzado variant.

Despite the scenario design misgivings I had before we started, it was actually a pretty good game. Exciting and novel.

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I made up Cards for Crossfire Missions v2

Crossfire Missions v2 as Cards

I designed the PDF of Mac’s Missions v2 – Revised Pick up games for Crossfire so that players can make up a set of cards.

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Mac’s Missions v2 – Revised Pick up games for Crossfire

Macs Crossfire Missions Logo Thumb

I recently blogged about Mac’s Missions – Pick up games for Crossfire. I’ve made a few tweaks to the system and come up with a version 2. And there is a PDF to download.

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Pick up games for Crossfire – Mac’s Missions

Macs Crossfire Missions Logo Thumb

Mac wanted to play pick up games of Crossfire so created a simple method of doing that with a cool graphic. I’ve added a few supporting assets, played a game and made a few recommendations for a version 2.

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Eye of the Tiger – A Crossfire Scenario

Eye of the Tiger Scenario Table 6x4

My mate Chris asked “Have you considered ASL as a source of Crossfire scenarios? For example the Windy City Wargamers Color Scenario Pack, which includes the classic Eye of the Tiger scenario – which looks ideal as a Crossfire scenario to me.” As it happens I have considered this and have even written up some notes on Converting Advanced Squad Leader to Crossfire. However I’ve never actually done it.

Chris’a question inspired me, so this is my version of “Eye of the Tiger” for Crossfire.

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Storm Group Stalingrad – A Crossfire Scenario

Storm Group Stalingrad Map

This Crossfire scenario is based on Plate C “Red Army ‘Storm Group’ Stalingrad autumn 1942” in “World War II Street-Fighting Tactics” (Bull, 2008). It simulates a Soviet Storm Group attacking German held buildings.

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Papa Eicke – A Crossfire Scenario

Table for Papa Eicke Scenario

This Crossfire scenario is really an excuse to use my crashed Fieseler Storch objective lovingly painted by Roland Davis. The scenario starts when the Fieseler Storch carrying Obergruppenführer Theodor Eicke is shot down near the Russian lines outside Kharkov. SS Division Totenkopf mount an assault to secure the crash site and recover their commander’s body.

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Crossfire at Position Four: The Line N-M Scenario

Table Position Four Line N-M Scenario 8' x 5'

This is the briefing for the Line N-M scenario of the Crossfire at Position Four linked scenario campaign. The other scenario is Village P. Both scenarios can be played as a stand alone Crossfire scenario.Line N-M is a bit of a monster of a scenario, on a 8′ x 5′ map with a reinforced battalion on each side.

At the moment the scenario is draft.

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2 Companies a Side – A Generic Crossfire Scenario

Table 2 Companies

A generic Crossfire scenario for WW2 with two companies a side.

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The Storch – A Crossfire Scenario

Crashed Fieserer Storch Objective

The Crossfire scenario is really an excuse to use my crashed Fieseler Storch objective lovingly painted by Roland Davis. Everything else is flavour.

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45 Pesetas – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War. 45 Pesetas was the bounty the Nationalists put on a Republican T-26 tank. The Moroccans were keen on this offer and through their endeavours the Nationalists built up their own T-26 units. Somehow this seems like a potential game.

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Zerstorer – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Zerstorer Scenario

This is a fictional Crossfire scenario with the allies discovering a secret German installation a new secret weapon is being developed – the “Zerstorer” or the title. Based on Hingely (2006) .

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German Defence in Depth – A Crossfire Scenario

Table German Defence in Depth

This is a generic Crossfire scenario based on the early to mid war Battalion level defence given in German Field Fortifications 1939-45 by Rottman (2004, p. 49-51). It assumes both battalion and regiment are up to strength and deployed in depth.

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Breakout from Tarnopol – A Crossfire Scenario in Tarnopol

Table Tarnopol 1944-04-16

A Crossfire scenario about the German break out attempt from Tarnopol. It is part of the 3 Round Tarnopol Crossfire Campaign but can also be played in isolation.

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