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Gavilan – A Liberators HOTT Battle Report

Patrots attack Morgados cavalry

Back in December 2012 I played the Gavilan scenario for Liberators HOTT. I didn’t write up the battle because I was in the midst of converting this site to WordPress. But I recently rediscovered the photos and thought I’d share a few.

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Big Bases for the Peninsular War

I’ve decided to go for big bases for the Peninsular War. Couple of reasons for this.

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Simulating Politics in a Wargaming Campaign with Political Tokens

Political tokens

War is merely the continuation of politics by other means

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Maipo – A Liberators HOTT Battle Report

Chris Harrod and Kevin Pridgeon played my Liberators HOTT scenario for Maipo. Chris was the defending Royalists and Kevin the attacking Patriots. It was Kevin’s first try with historical wargames and Liberators HOTT in particular. A good fun game but the HOTT timescale didn’t work.

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Gavilan – A Liberators QPR Battle Report

Gavilan using Liberators QPR

Chris Harrod and I played the Gavilan scenario for Liberators QPR. I was the defending Patriots and Chris the Royalists. It was great fun but Another epic in terms of play time. The Patriots won. We’re not sure the Royalists can win even with beefing up Morgado’s forces.

Setting: Gavilan Hill, Conception, Chile; 5 May 1817

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Maipo – A Liberators HOTT Scenario

This scenario is in the Liberators book (Fletcher, 2005, p. 66-67). These are my notes for playing the scenario with the Liberators HOTT.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Fall of Rome?

What wargaming rules to use for the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms? I’ve considered DBA, HOTT, FOG, and Commititus.

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Wargaming the Battle of Gavilan 5 May 1817

Gavilan Table

John Fletcher has published a scenario for the Battle of Gavilan (5 May 1817). I’ve got supplementary notes related to wargaming that scenario in various places and this post points to them.

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Gavilan Scenario for Liberators QPR

Gavilan Table 8'x5'

John Fletcher published a scenario for the Battle of Gavilan on the Liberators 1810-1830 Yahoo Discussion Forum (in the files section). The scenario is nominally for Liberators Quick Play Rules and I have rewritten based on the anticipation of play testing on a smaller table.

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Alternative Chacabuco – A Liberators HOTT Battle Report

Andrew Coleby and I played an early version of the Liberators HOTT version of the Alternative Chacabuco Scenario which is based on that in Fletcher (2006). Andrew was the Royalists and I was the Patriots.

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Liberators HOTT – Using HOTT for the South American Wars of Liberation

Argentine 7th Infantry Regiment

I’m keen on the Wars of South American Liberation aka Liberators at the moment and wondered what I’d have to do to use Hordes of the Things (HOTT) for the period.

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Alternative Chacabuco Scenario for Liberators HOTT

The Alternative Chacabuco scenario is from the Liberators Supplement by John Fletcher (Fletcher, 2006). These are my notes for playing the scenario with the Liberators HOTT rules.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Macedonian and Punic Wars?

The Carthaginians were my first wargames army as an adult – I inherited and expanded my father’s 1/72 scale converted Airfix army. They are long gone but now I have a beautiful set of Carthaginian, Roman and Spanish armies in 15 mm for the Punic Wars. As it happens, I also have some their Macedonian contemporaries … Seleucid.

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What I like in a campaign / multi-player game

My first ventures in campaigns were two large, 12-14 player, Ancient/Medieval DBM Campaigns. One was called Europe 1100 AD and the other Europe 1455 AD. The mechanics were fairly simple being based on DBA campaigns but I quickly found problems and the campaigns petered out when people lost interest. I now favour even snappier campaign rules and less people.

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Mapless Campaigns

The premise of the Mapless Campaign system is that complicated campaigns involving maps with detailed map movement, and where losing a couple of battles seriously impairs a player’s chance of success, are doomed to peter out. There are no maps in this campaign but players get to collect territories. And collecting territories makes the player more powerful. It is based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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