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Moroccan Knives – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

Table Moroccan Knives

This scenario came about because Andrew Coleby wanted to try a Spanish Civil War for Crossfire, or more specifically my variant called Fuego Cruzado. We only get a couple of hours to play when Andrew comes over so the game had to be small. Aside from keeping the forces small I also thought I’d experiment with a small table and lots of terrain; like the 2 Foot City but in the countryside. So this game has small companies facing each other on a 4’x3′ table. The title, “Moroccan Knives”, is because the militia were generally terrified of the Moroccans and

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Ring of Iron – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

Table Ring of Iron

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War – set in the Basque Country. The Nationalists are trying to penetrate the “Ring of Iron” around Bilbao.

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Fuego Cruzado: Crossfire House Rules for Spain’s Wars

Fuego Cruzado is my Crossfire variant for early 20th century wars involving the Spanish, notably the Spanish Civil War and Rif War. All of my normal Crossfire House Rules apply. These house rules are additions specifically for Fuego Cruzado.

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Andalusian Motorcade – A Crossfire Battle Report

Andalusian Motorcade Table

Chris Harrod and I played my Andalusian Motorcade scenario with Chris as the defending Militia and me as the advancing Column Ascensio.

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Battle of the Ebro – A Rapier Offensive Scenario

I keep getting inspired by Martin Rapier and in particular his ideas on operational level games. Most recently what captured me was his article “The Battle of the Ebro, July 1938: A Spanish Civil War Megablitz Scenario” (Rapier, 2007). I’m not too interested in Megablitz but I am into the Spanish Civil War and this seemed like a good opportunity to try out Martin’s own rules which I’ve summarised previously on my Rapier Offensive page.

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Using Egyptian Figures for Spanish Civil War Regulares with Fez

All the Moroccan Regulares figures I’ve seen for the Spanish Civil War have a turban. But some Moroccans in Nationalist employ just wore a Fez without a Turban. For these guys you could use Egyptians from the Sudan campaign (1882 – 1898). Of course the gun is wrong so this doesn’t give a perfect match but would give the right rough look and get some more variety in your Moroccans. This might be for whole units rather than individuals.

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Steven’s 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán

I’m building up the 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán from Column Asensio of 1936. Battalion Code = “T” for Tabor or Turban or Tetuán within the Unit ID for Crossfire.

As long as you led from the frontwhere they [the Moroccans] could clearly see you upright, they would follow.

Alferez Juan Crespo.

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Andalusian Motorcade – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

Table Motorcade

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War – as the Nationalists drive north through Andalusia towards the distant Madrid.

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Base Sizes and Number of Figures in Crossfire

Crossfire Base Sizes - Stevens WW2 - SQ

New comers to Crossfire often ask how to base their figures. This is my approach for 15mm figures – see my musing section for how other people base. In general I went for 30mm square bases, rather than the official 32mm, as this is standard for other game systems. and is, well, tidier

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45 Pesetas – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War. 45 Pesetas was the bounty the Nationalists put on a Republican T-26 tank. The Moroccans were keen on this offer and through their endeavours the Nationalists built up their own T-26 units. Somehow this seems like a potential game.

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The Late Queen: 15mm Wargaming Figures for the Spanish Civil War

The Late Queen are a recent new comer to the list of 15mm figure manufacturers. They specialise in Spanish Civil War (SCW) and essentially want to supplement the existing SCW range from Peter Pig.

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Rapier Offensive – A Multiplayer Operational Game

Martin Rapier has created a simple set of rules to allow a group of players to play operational level games. His rules are embedded within the context of Operation Uranus (19 Nov 1942). I’ve abstracted his rules so I can then apply them to different settings (and tweaked them a bit as I did so).

These rules are ideal for a typical offensive where the attackers have three to one odds against the defenders – something that is not possible in most rule systems. One of the beauties of this system is that it is a cooperative effort more

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Unit Identification and Stand Labels in Crossfire

Some musing on unit identification and stand labels in Crossfire. All stands need to identified with a system along the lines of:

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No-Mans Land Mini-Campaign

This is a skirmish level mini-campaign set in no-mans land on a fairly static front. It is applicable to any period (see the possible settings). Each player is a junior commander whose job is the patrol and control the area between the opposing forces. Over three game days and nights each player must plan and execute 6 missions from a predetermined list. The interest lies in the fact that each player is picking from a different list to that of his opponent. The key problem being addressed is “How does a commander react when faced with events not covered by

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Fuego Cruzado Scenarios: Crossfire Scenarios for Spain’s Wars

My scenarios for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for Spain’s Wars (e.g. Spanish Civil War and Rif War).

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