John Arnall – Missing in the Rif

Ann Procter wrote in about a distant relative who died during the Rif Wars

My great great uncle John Arnall was a Rif supporter living for many years in Tangiers
with his wife, and closely associated with Abd el Krim. He accompanied a Riffian delegation from
Morocco to London on two occasions, trying unsuccessfully to drum up British support as he felt
they were being unfairly treated by the Spanish and French.

To cut a long story short, family rumour has it that he met his death in March 1924 at the hands
of the Spanish, and his body lies in an unmarked grave in Tangiers.

My daughter and I have spent a long time searching archives at the National Archive Centre at
Kew, London. There are copious notes on letters between John Arnall and several foreign office
departments, but that is all – we can find nothing at all about his death. He served a 3 month
prison sentence for making anti-French statements in 1916, stood for Parliament in the General
Election of 1918 and was quite a thorn in the side to many people!

There are no personal details or pictures about him anywhere – have you a clue where we can look
next, as it all seems to have been hushed up from the British point-of-view – he has just been
airbrushed away poor chap!

I couldn’t help, but if you know something about John Arnall then please get in contact.

Jamil Sherif wrote in to say …

I have come across records in the India Office Library in London which refer to John Arnall’s
Riff work, and which state that he died on April 12th, 1924 in Tangier.

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  • Nick Heath

    He is actually buried in Wandsworth Cemetery with his father George, see here: with details of death date which differ from above by a month
    Quite a lot written on him in German!!
    1. Franzosen, Briten und Deutsche im Rifkrieg 1921-1926: Spekulanten … – Translate this page
    Dirk Sasse – 2006 – ‎Morocco

  • Paul McDermott

    Yes, thank you, Nick, though the detail you provide is not quite correct. John Arnall is in fact buried in the churchyard of the Protestant Church in Tangier, which grave I saw and photographed in 2001, on the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Anoual, in which the Rif led by Abd el Krim eliminated an entire Spanish Army. Family legend says John was very helpful to the Riffi, whose delegation, including Abd el Krim himself, stayed in his house in Dempster Road, London SW, during their failed attempt to involve the British Government of the day in the organisation of peace talks. John’s grave, incidentally, is without headstone but I was guided to it by the detailed plan of burial plots kept by the Church authorities there and their delightfully helpful sexton.

  • Marc Arnall

    I am also interested in any information about John Arnall, as he was my grandfather. He was, I believe, christened Cyril John Arnall. Any information that anyone can give me will be most appreciated.

    Anne Procter, please contact me, as I would love to renew our acquaintance.

  • I came through information about that name across three books: one in German (the one stated above”Germans, British and French involvement during the Rif War” author Dirk Sasse.
    Abd El Krim written by the contemporary Spanish historian, Maria Rosa Madariaga.
    and from Rifian accounts, there is book published in Arabic by Abdelhamid Raïs, which was initially a collection of documentations from his father Mohamed Raïs (the nephew of Abd El Krim) who interviewed during the sixties and seventies Rifian veterans and eye witnesses.

    For further information don’t hesitate to mail me

  • If any one of you have any photograph of John Arnall shouldn’t hesitate to post it on this blog

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