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From 1826 to 1834 the Portuguese fought a civil war, known as the Liberal Wars (or the Portuguese Civil War, the War of the Two Brothers, or Miguelite War). Fought between the Liberals, under Pedro IV, at times King of Portugal and Emperor of the Brazil, and the Absolutists or Miguelistas after their leader Dom Miguel (Pedro’s brother). The Liberals supported a Constitutional Monarchy, and their leader also wanted to secure the Portuguese throne for his daughter Dona Maria II. The Absolutists, in contrast, believed in Miguel’s divine right to rule. (I’m very grateful to Nuno Pereira who got me inspired to write up the Liberal Wars and who kindly sent me quite a lot of background material.)

Sources for Portugal’s Liberal Wars

Annotated bibliography for the Portuguese Liberal Wars.

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Belgian Corps 1832-35 in Portugal’s Liberal Wars

Nuno Pereira surprised me by explaining that Belgium contributed four battalions – the Belgian Corps – to the Liberal Wars.

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Timeline of Portugal’s Liberal Wars

Timeline for the Portuguese Liberal Wars. The events described here are part of the build up to, and the early part of, the First Carlist War.

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Painting Guide for Portugal’s Liberal Wars

A short painting guide for the Portuguese Liberal Wars.

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Order of Battle in Portugal’s Liberal Wars

The orders of battle for various Portuguese forces during the Liberal War and the First Carlist War:

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