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List of Taifa Kingdoms 1009-1571

This is a list of most of the Taifa Kingdoms (Collins, 1983; Fletcher, 1992; Menéndez, 1934; Kennedy, 1996; Wikipedia: Taifa). I can’t guarantee if it is complete. I’ve taken the Arabic names for the Tailfas from the excellent, but seemingly defunct, Al-Andalus site.

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Reconquista Timeline: Arab Conquest 711 – 754

Although raiders had crossed from Morocco for several years it was Tariq ibn Ziyad, in 711, that led the first major invasion force.

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Sources for Al-Andalus and the Reconquista


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Muslim Rulers of Al-Andalus

A chronological list of Muslim rulers in Al-Andalus.

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Samuel Ha-Nagid: Jewish General in Al-Andalus

Samuel Ha-Nagid interests me because he was both a poet and a military leader. He is also unusual by being one of only two Jews to command Medieval Muslim armies (his son, Joseph, was the other).

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Painting Guide for Muslims of Al-Andalus

Arab fashions came and went, but there were certain patterns which applied across all Muslim lands: I give a general description then some specifics from certain regions.

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Reconquista Wargaming Project

I’m rather fond of the Reconquista so have a bunch of armies. I don’t play so much now, mostly for the lack of a large scale set of rules that I like.

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Military Equipment of the Reconquista and Hundred Years War

A quick look at key bits of kit.

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Order of Battle for Specific Battles of the Reconquista

Orders of Battle for various battles within the Reconquista.

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Christian Orders of Battle in the Reconquista

The DBM Medieval Spanish list stops before the final war with Granada, so I wondered what the invasion army might have looked like.

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Orders of Battle in the Reconquista

Some notes on the composition of the various armies.

Andalusian Order of Battle

Andalusian armies were composed of a number of elements. The proportion of these elements changed depending on the political situation, and particular armies would concentrate on some and not others.

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Almohad Order of Battle

Included black slaves, Murabitun deserters, and elite Ghuzz Turkish archers (Nicolle, 1988). Almohads made even more use of war drums than the Murabitun. Almohad infantry formed similarly to the Murabitun: a front rank with long spears, a second with javelins and spears and a third of slingers.

Christian Rulers of the Reconquista

Rulers of Christian Spain and Portugal during the Reconquista.

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Al-Murabitun Order of Battle

The Al-Murabit leaders were all from the Banu Turgut of the Lamtuna tribe of the Sanhaja Berbers (Kennedy, 1996). Originally the men were from the Lamtuna tribe, these and the Guddala and Massufa (also Sanhaja) remained the mainstay of the armies throughout the period. Other groups were assimilated including the other Sanhaja tribes (Gazzula, Lamta, Banu Warith), Masmuda tribesmen of the Atlas and Zanata of northern Morocco.

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