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Painting wargaming figures is a key part of the wargaming hobby so I’ve a collection of painting guides, photo galleries and uniform guides to help out.

WW2 Painting Guide: Kiwi and British in the Mediterranean

A group of New Zealand soldiers on the Cassino battlefront in Italy, during World War II. Probably reconstruction for photographers behind the line. 5 April 1944

This WW2 Painting Guide shows how to paint the 2 New Zealand Division, and other Commonwealth/British, who fought in the Mediterranean. It solely uses Vallejo Model Colour range of paints.

I have used four sources: Battle Front, SHQ, Artizan Designs, and Crac des Chevaliers.

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Stalingrad Ruins from Warbases are Great Value

WarBases Stalingrad Ruins 5

Every time I order anything from Warbases I order a set of their 15mm Stalingrad Buildings. They are great value. For £7 I get two buildings that are robust, can be assembled in two configurations and, when used en-masse, give me variety of town layouts.

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WW2 Painting Guide: Soviet Motorised Rifle Battalion with Vallejo Paints

Painting Guide for WW2 Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion

I’ve started painting my Soviet Motorised Rifle Battalion. Only one company done so far but I thought I’d record for prosperity (and when I next pick up the brushes) how I’ve painted them. I’ve used Vallejo paints for everything.

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Portable Photography Studio: Perfect for Wargaming Figures

Portable Photography Studio - Unpacked

One of my better wargaming purchases in the last few years was a “HQ Portable Mini Camera Photography Lighting Studio”. Basically a small home photography studio and great for taking close ups of wargaming figures.

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Painting Guide for Viluma 1815

A painting guide for the Battle of Viluma / Sipe Sipe of 1815.

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You can never have too many trucks

Russian Zis-5 3-ton truck

“You can never have too many trucks” is a catch phrase of Megablitz players, and, in fact, of players of other operational games such as Not Quite Mechanised. You see Megablitz includes rules for logistics and transport for those supplies is very important. Megablitz forces also need headquarters and signals units; signals units in particular are something that rarely appear on a wargaming table.

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Steven’s Late Imperial Romans

For the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms I’ve a Barbarian Horde that can act as Suevi, Vandal, Visigothic and Late Imperial Romans. I picked the Romans up from Ross Pirie before I left New Zealand. Ross painted the Romans, Huns, and some of the Barbarian Horde. I have reflocked them all using my standard flocking method.

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Steven’s Fall of Rome Barbarian Horde

For the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms I’ve a Barbarian Horde that can act as Suevi, Vandal, Visigothic, or similar, plus Alan allies, and the Romans to fend them off. My favourite Horde are the Suevi = but my overall favourites are the Alans.

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Painting Guide for the South American Wars of Liberation

These are just rough notes about how to pant specific units. Refer elsewhere for more complete guidance, including:

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WW2 Painting Guide: Fallschirmjaeger

I needed a painting for my Fallschirmjaeger in a hurry – so Roland David could paint some more. So I took some snaps of my existing figures. This is one of my WW2 Painting Guides.

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Painting Skin Tones on 15mm Wargaming Figures

Some notes on painting skin tones. Bear in mind I paint 15mm figures using the black undercoat.

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Animal Blinds: Ghosts in the African Darkness

For the Portuguese Colonial War – set in Africa – I used Wild Animals as my Blinds. Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Rhino, Croc, African Cow, Hippo, Ostrich, Antelope, Warthog, Hyena and Ape on a tree. This is also a nod to the movie “Ghosts in the Darkness” where some supposedly supernatural lions kills a whole bunch of people in southern Africa.

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Stevens Insurgents for the Portuguese Colonial War

This is my Insurgent ‘army’ for the Portuguese Colonial War. I’m also painting a Portuguese force.

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Steven’s Portuguese for the Portuguese Colonial War on Individual Bases

This is my Portuguese ‘army’ for the Portuguese Colonial War. I’m also painting a generic Insurgent force.

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Steven’s Spanish Army of the Eighty Years War

My Renaissance Spanish army. These chaps can do service in the latter part of the Eighty Years’ War or in the Thirty Years’ War.

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