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Timeline of Conquest of New Mexico

Timeline for New Mexico as the Conquistadores moved in.

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Conquest of New Mexico

The Spanish conquest of New Mexico isn’t a very popular period, and certainly not for wargamers, but it does seem to offer some interesting scenarios. It appeals to me for a couple of reasons:

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Indian Groups in New Mexico

A variety of Indian groups lives in New Mexico when the Conquistadores moved in. Broadly speaking the Indians included those living in the Pueblo Area and those living in the surrounding Great Plains.

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Rules for Naval Warfare from 1500 to 1850

My father, Gary Thomas, has always loved Naval warfare and hand crafted ships for both the Armada and Nelson periods. Although he has long since given up table top gaming and moved to computer games, in fond memory of those 1:1200 scale ships I thought I’d type up his rules. I have slightly edited the text, but the rule mechanisms remain unchanged.

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Timeline for Mesoamerica

This Timeline was initially based on Davis (1973, p. xv-xvii). As Davis says “The difficulties encountered in arriving at an exact Timeline are considerable. Most of the later dates are reasonably certain, but some of the earliest ones are much less sure, and what seems the most probable figures has been given” (p. xv).

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Sources for the Colonial Mexico

Akademische Druck – u. Verlagsanstalt – Graz CODICES

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Painting Guide for Aztec and Texcalan Shields

Shield26 Cuextecatl - Lienzo de Tlaxcala - Colours Conjectural

This page covers the shield designs of both Aztecs and Texcalans (Tlaxcalans). The list below is not comprehensive and I recommend you look at the painting guides for Aztecs and their enemies for other shield patterns, or go straight to the Codices for more ideas. The nahuatl for shield is “chimalli”.

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Rulers of the Mexica and of the Acolhua

The following is a list of rulers of the Mexica is compiled from Aztecs / Nahuatl / Tenochtitlán and Davis (1973).

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Painting Guide for Texcalans, Huaxtec, Purempecha, Mayans

I’ve separate painting guides for Spanish and Aztecs. This page covers the other Mexican nations.

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Painting Guide for an Aztec Army

Codex Mendoza - Rank 3 Warrior with captive - Three Captive - Papalotl

This page is largely based on Jim Esler’s “Meet the Aztecs” web page and Cronofus’s “A Simple Guide to an Aztec Wargaming Army”. Plus various other sources.

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Glossary of Aztec Military Terms

Indian words are in Nahuatl, and specifically Aztec, unless otherwise mentioned. Most references are from Heath (1999).

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15mm Wargaming Figures to use for Conquistators, Aztecs and Maya

az052 Jaguar Swordsmen

I’ve seen few of these figures so this page is largely based catalogues and on comments from the Meet the Aztecs web page by Jim Esler. Jim’s web page went through the figures figure code by figure code, but I wanted them sorted by the use of the figure.

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