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The glory years, 1492–1648, when Spain and Portugal ruled the world.

The King of Spain hat now got a command so wide, that out of his Dominions the Sunne can neither rise nor set. (Feltam, 1652, p. 85)

The same could be said of the Portuguese dominions. My Conquistadores section is about the growth of the Spanish Empire. My other section is about the Portuguese Explorers in what they referred to as the Marvellous Century (O Século Maravilhoso). Also check out my New World DBA.

Jim Esler – Meet the Aztecs

Codex Mendoza - Rank 3 Warrior with captive - Three Captive - Papalotl

Back in 2003 I was inspired by an article by Jim Esler called “Meet the Aztecs”. Jim offers an informed critique of the then WRG, primarily DBM and DBA, army lists for the Aztecs. Since then both DBM and Jim’s page has disappeared. I thought I’d pull Jim’s article back from the WayBackMachine and make it more easily accessible for the community. All words are Jim Esler’s; I have modified the formatting a tiny bit. Thanks to Ethan for finding the article.

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Pastimes in the Place of Reeds

Patolli Board

The inhabitants of the Place of Reeds have the normal Mesoamerican pastimes. Games and sports, and the gambling the comes with them. In terms of sports they favoured anything that tested skill and endurance.

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15mm Wargaming Figures to use for Portuguese Africa 1500-1700

First of the Portuguese range. This is from East Riding Miniatures: Grumpy Miniatures: Colonial Portuguese:

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Army Lists for New World DBA

These are army lists for my revised New World DBA. They are based on, but aren’t identical to, the condensed versions of the DBM and DBR army lists. The army point (AP) system is essentially that from DBR. To allow some choice, each Army List includes about 45 AP of compulsory troops and has a maximum total – if all troops could be taken – of about 180 AP.

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Why I Called it the Place of Reeds

The setting is called the Place of Reeds and is based on the historical city of Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan means “place of the gods” in Nahuatl (Vogel, 1995); it is likely this is a latter name given to the ruins rather than what the inhabitants called it.

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Currency in the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds is based on this historical city called Teotihuacan. We know nothing about the currency in use in Teotihuacan but we do know something about Aztec “money”.

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Tonulli: Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

I love the history of the New World, both before and after the Spanish Conquest. I’m slowly working on a pre-conquest setting called the Place of Reeds. This section is about using Fate RPG 3.0 in a Mesoamerican setting; I’ve called this Fate RPG variant Tonulli. There are a lot of Fate 3.0 variants but Tonulli is primarily based on Free Fate with bits from Spirit of the Century.

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Design Notes for Tonulli – Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

Some rough notes on why I did what I did when designing Tonulli, i.e. Fate RPG for the New World.

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Geography of the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds is based on this historical city called Teotihuacan. The site of Teotihuacan is 40 km north-east of present day Mexico City.

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Sources for the Place of Reeds

If you want to investigate Place of Reeds setting further then have a look at some of these:

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Timeline of the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds is based on this historical city called Teotihuacan so I’ve included the timeline for the latter.

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RPG Plots for Mesoamerica

Here’s some rough plot lines set in Mesoamerica and hence for the Place of Reeds. it started as a list I typed up in 2006 then got expanded a lot by borrowing ideas from The Big List of RPG Plots.

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Religion in the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds is based on this historical city called Teotihuacan. The religion of Teotihuacan preceded that of the Aztecs but bore a strong similarity to their religion and others of central Mexico.

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People of the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds is based on this historical city called Teotihuacan. Who the main inhabitants of Teotihuacan were is unknown, but the contenders are Nahua speakers (like the Aztecs), Totonacs or Otomis (Miller & Taube, 1993). Vogel (1995) adds Nahua-Chichimecs and Olmec-Chochopopolocas to the list of possibilities. Vogel says the most accepted theory is that the inhabitants were proto-Nahua.

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Flora and Fauna of the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds, being based on this historical city of Teotihuacan, has typical flora and fauna for central Mexico.

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