Steven’s 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán

I’m building up the 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán from Column Asensio of 1936. Battalion Code = “T” for Tabor or Turban or Tetuán within the Unit ID for Crossfire.

As long as you led from the front
where they [the Moroccans] could clearly see you upright,
they would follow.

Alferez Juan Crespo.

regulares_P1030353_tabor.jpg (348103 bytes)

2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán

My initial interest in the Spanish Civil War was La Marcha, i.e. the drive on Madrid in Sep 1936, so I decided to collect one of the Columns of the Army of Africa to field in Crossfire. I can’t remember why but I latched onto Lt. Col. Carlos Asensio Cabanillas and his Column Asensio. According to Scurr (1985) this force contained:

Column Asensio

  • Column Headquarters
  • 1 recon Assault Guard armoured car
  • 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán
  • 4th Bandera, Spanish Foreign Legion
  • 1 battery of 70L19 mountain guns (Turnball, 1978, says ½ a battery of field guns)
  • 1 Sapper Company
  • Trucks


My Moroccan figures are all from Peter Pig Range 13: Spanish Civil War. In fact they are the older style of Moroccans, for example, the HMG teams have turbans rather than just Fez. I quite like the figures, but unfortunately there are only three variants for the riflemen.

labels_P1030344_regulares_HMG.jpg (63763 bytes)

Notice the Turbans

Labels_P1030350_regulares_squad.jpg (63788 bytes)

Rifle Squad


Of course I used my SCW: Moroccan Painting Guide and the flocking is Sand and Dry Brushing. Some of the photos are prior to gluing on the static grass. For a long time I debated whether to have any grass for the Army of Africa as I wanted to use the same figures for the Rif War. Then I realised the Rif is actually arid but green.

Labels_P1030348_regulares_platoon.jpg (178786 bytes)

Regulares Rifle Platoon

Order of Battle

My Tabor is based on the historical Spanish Civil War: Order of Battle and my interpretation as a Fuego Cruzado: Nationalist Order of Battle.

regulares_P1030352_tabor.jpg (234667 bytes)

The full Tabor

Order of Battle for the full Tabor:


  • 1 x BC (Tabor Commander) (+2)
  • 1 x Machinegun Platoon: 1 x HMG
  • 2 x Infantry Company
    • 1 x CC (+2)
    • 3 x Rifle Platoons: 1 x PC (+1); 4 x Rifle Squads
  • Morale:Regular in towns otherwise Veteran
  • Command & Control:Adventurous / Dependent
  • Reckless: Yes

I don’t believe the Moroccan infantry had the full complement of light machine guns so don’t give them a bonus LMG stand.


I made my own Spanish Civil War Flags based on examples in Turnball (1978) and Bueno (1971).

labels_P1030343_regulares_BC.jpg (61188 bytes)

Tabor Commander

regulares_P1030361_CC_side.jpg (78022 bytes)

1st Company Commander

regulares_P1030358_CC_side.jpg (83107 bytes)

2nd Company Commander

Other Photos

regulares_P1030346_CC.jpg (72226 bytes)

Regulares Company Commander

labels_P1030345_regulares_CC.jpg (63066 bytes)

Regulares Company Commander

regulares_P1030351_company.jpg (400463 bytes)

Regulares Company

Labels_P1030363_regulares_PC.jpg (50849 bytes)

Regulares Platoon Commander


Bueno, J. M. (1971). Uniformes Militares en color de la Guerra Civil Española. Madrid: Libreria Editorial San Martin.

Fuego Cruzado: Nationalist Order of Battle

Scurr, J. (1985). The Spanish Foreign Legion. Osprey.

Spanish Civil War: Moroccan Painting Guide

Spanish Civil War: Order of Battle

Turnball, P. (1978). The Spanish Civil War 1936-39. Osprey.

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