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I quite like using Engle Matrix Games as the framework for a campaign. The essence of Engle Matrix Games is that they allow you to do whatever you want to, so long as you can make a logical argument. The “Matrix” of the title is really just your mental picture of what the game world is. It is by definition incomplete! We never know much about what is going on around us. Fortunately our brains solve this for us by automatically imposing order on what we see, and potently the players can proactively change the nature of the matrix by offering arguments. I’ve run a few one day campaigns using this system and it works really well. It can also work for more long term campaigns.

Oriamendi Matrix: An Engle Matrix Game set in the First Carlist War

Flag Viva la Religion Viva Carlos V

A bloody civil war has waged in Spain for four years. King Ferdinand died and left the crown to his daughter, Isabella, and the power to his wife Cristina. The King’s brother, Don Carlos, has violently contested Isabella’s right to succeed. The main drama to date has unfolded in the north, in the Basque provinces of Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa, and Alava, plus the adjoining province of Navarra.

It is now early March 1837. In yet another bid to to crush the rebels, the three government generals in the Basque provinces – Esparetero, De Lacy Evans, Saarsfield – are preparing a

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Proposed Argument Format for Engle Matrix Games

It is easy to write bad arguments for Engle Matrix Games. I’ve decided to revert to something like the original argument format of “Action + Result + Reasons” to help the players get their arguments into the right shape. But those terms are ambiguous so I came up with my own format.

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Missing General – An Engle Matrix Game Battle Report

Missing General Turns 01 to 05

I ran a session of A General is Missing for Chris Harrod (Germans) and Nuno Pereira (Russians). Chris has played Engle Matrix Games before and also this scenario a few years back. It was Nuno’s first experience of this style of game. Chris played well so not too surprisingly he won. I learnt a couple of things about matrix games which I’ll share at the end.

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Wargaming Rules for WW2

There are lots of wargaming rules for World War 2. These are the ones I play: Crossfire, Megablitz, Rapier Offensive and Engle Matrix Games. One day I might write up my thoughts on the competitors, of which there are many.

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Missing General – An Engle Matrix Game

This campaign idea is based on “The Never Ending Story! One of our Generals is missing” an article by Alan Phillips in the SOTCW Journal. Alan uses his own tactical rules but I’m interested in seeing how the campaign can work using a Engle Matrix Game as the structure and, hopefully, Crossfire for the tactical elements.

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What I like in a campaign / multi-player game

My first ventures in campaigns were two large, 12-14 player, Ancient/Medieval DBM Campaigns. One was called Europe 1100 AD and the other Europe 1455 AD. The mechanics were fairly simple being based on DBA campaigns but I quickly found problems and the campaigns petered out when people lost interest. I now favour even snappier campaign rules and less people.

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Tarnopol Matrix – An Engle Matrix Campaign

Tarnopol Matrix Campaign Map

“Tarnopol Matrix” uses Engle Matrix Games mechanisms for a wargaming campaign within the historical context of siege of Tarnopol in Mar-Apr 1944.

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A Load of Gauls – A DBA Campaign Matrix Game

‘A Load of Gauls’ is a Engle Matrix Game campaign based on the Gallic invasion of Italy in 225-224 BC. Battles are fought using DBA. The game was devised by Colin Tothill although I’ve made minor tweaks to it.

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Sources for Engle Matrix Games

An annotated bibliography for Engle Matrix Games.

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What to use Engle Matrix Games for

Chris Engle of Hamster Press is the creator of Engle Matrix Games. He has used them for murder mysteries, spy games, fantasy quests, intrigues, military campaigns and political games. He has also – as a Psychotherapist – used them to treat violent children and alcoholics!

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Battle Resolution for Engle Matrix Games

In the absence of other ways of resolving battles within an Campaign using the approach of Engle Matrix Games try these simple rules. They were devised by Arthur Harman but revised by me (Steven Thomas).

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Engle Matrix Game as a Wargaming Campaign

The essence of Engle Matrix Games is that they allow you to do whatever you want to, so long as you can make a logical argument. You play a leading general of the period. Each turn you get to make one argument/order about what you want to happen that turn. You can make arguments for your side, to cause problems for the other side, or to change the rules! (No more than one level of rule change.)

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Austerlitz – An Engle Matrix Game

The Austerlitz Matrix Game was devised by Chris Engle but the version here is revised by me (Steven Thomas)

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