What Wargaming Rules to use for the Fall of Rome?

What wargaming rules to use for the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms? I’ve considered DBA, HOTT, FOG and Commititus.


I have been using DBM for all my ancients which means I haven’t played in this period very often. Barbarians were too uncontrollable under DBM before 3.0 – in particular combining mounted generals and spontaneous foot hordes was historical but impossible under the rules.


Actually DBA is okay for this period. As is HOTT.

Field of Glory (FoG)

I’ve tried Field of Glory for this period including writing up an Alan versus Roman battle. Okay, one battle isn’t too conclusive but it seemed alright. But by the time I played this game I’d gone off FoG because it is rubbish at the Punic Wars.

Simon McDowell’s Commititus

To quote Simon:

Comitatus is a complete set of wargames rules designed to simulate warfare in Europe and the Mediterranean from about AD 200 to 1100. They have been primarily designed with Barbarian Migrations period in mind but the rules cover warfare from Imperial Rome through to the First Crusade. Comitatus is a fast moving game that is relatively easy to master. Full- scale battles representing tens of thousands of troops on each side can easily be fought to a conclusion in 3-4 hours.

See Legio Wargames

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