What Wargaming Rules to use for the Italian Wars?

Wargaming rules for the Italian Wars. There are a few choices out there. The ones I’ve poked a stick at are:


DBR are the rules I’ve used most for this period although in truth I never fancied them which is why I’ve not played Renaissance for a long time. There are also DBA variants out there for this period.


Maximilian – a DBx off shoot that is specifically for the Great Italian Wars. I’ve not tried them but some like them.

Field of Glory Renaissance

I’ve played FOG and although I found it a bit grueling I think Field of Glory Renaissance is worth a look.

Warmaster Historical

Warmaster Historical – there is a renaissance version of Warmaster Ancients. I’ve not played it but given my experience of WMA I’m sure the game is fun. The Warmaster chaps do seem to be a bit light on historical simulation.

Age of Gunpowder

Chipco’s fast play ruleset for the period 1500-1700. I like the simplicity of the armies. All 15mm figures are on 40x40mm bases, called a “unit”. Armies are 24 troop units plus 2 artillery units and a general. For 15mm figures battles are on a 4′ x 3′ table.

Virtue ‘Gainst Fury

I found a game using Virtue ‘Gainst Fury on YouTube. The title is a quote from Machiavelli, which I like, so went looking.

I can’t find the rules but John on the Pike and Shot Forum says:

Full title: “Virtue ‘Gainst Fury: Wargaming the Italian Wars 1494-1529” by Mark Unitt and Toby McLeod. No copyright date or date of publication, or publisher name for that matter.

The rules came in plastic spiral bound. Very detailed, interesting and appear to be well researched.

And on the FoG Forum:

There used to be as great set called “Virtue ‘ainst Fury” – they were free, too!

Unfortunately, they have disappeared – as has my hardcopy

I’d appreciate it if somebody can point me at a copy of these rules.

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