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2015 Confessions of a Megalomaniac Wargamer and Amateur Historian


One of the things that really impresses me about Paul Ward of Matakishi’s Tea House is his focus. He chooses a new project, plans the project, does the project, finishes it, and moves on.

I’m a bit more scatter gun myself despite the fact that at work I encourage teams to limit work in progress. I start with a focus and get a lot done but then often wander off on a tangent when something else comes up that sparks my interest. I let myself do that because this is my hobby, not my job. A hobby shouldn’t really

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92nd Naval in Stalingrad – A Crossfire Battle Report 2

Germans in the Rubble

Chris Harrod (Germans) and Nuno Pereira (Soviets) played my Crossfire scenario 92nd Naval in Stalingrad. For Chris it was his second go – he’d played the German commander in a previous game.

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Crossfire Inside a Giant Stalingrad Factory

Some musing on playing Crossfire entirely inside a giant Stalingrad factory.

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Generic Building Sectors for Crossfire

Most of my Crossfire buildings are generic 3″x3″ sectors of foam board on a cardboard base. Some are building complexes of more than one sector. And I’ve also done Triangular Blocks to give Diagonal Streets.

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Steven’s Russian Naval Infantry Battalion

Russian Naval Infantry feature heavily in accounts of Stalingrad and Sevastopol, so I couldn’t resist when BattleFront put out a pack. I got enough for a Crossfire battalion. I painted them in two weeks which I now regret as it would have helped to have new glasses before I did it. Then it took a year before I finally found a flocking style to use. I use the Black Undercoat Method.

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92nd Naval in Stalingrad – A Crossfire Battle Report

92nd Naval Table

Four of us had a go at my Crossfire scenario 92nd Naval in Stalingrad. The essence is that a German battalion is trying to push through the centre of Stalingrad to the Volga. In their way are the newly off the boat men of the 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade. Being a urban battle it has similarities with 2 Foot City and Tarnopol: SU-152s Up Close and Personal. We used Planned Operational Zones for the multi-player aspect.

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92nd Naval in Stalingrad – A Crossfire Scenario

Table 92nd Naval

A Crossfire scenario featuring the Soviet 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade as they enter the fray in Stalingrad. See also my Battle Report.

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Geography In and Around Stalingrad

I wondered what the geography was around Stalingrad.

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Timeline of the Battle of Stalingrad

This is my timeline for the Battle of Stalingrad. The maps are largely from: RKKA in WW2: Maps 1942 South-Western Direction.

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Academy of Street Fighting: Tactics during the Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad started on the River Don and ended when the Soviets destroyed the Sixth Army’s flanking formations north and south of the city. But the heart of the battle was in the streets of Stalingrad itself. This is where the Russian soldiers and militia held the German on slaught. Where the defenders demonstrated an unexpected aptitude for urban warfare. And where both sides developed new tactics to deal with fighting in built up areas.

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Orders of Battle at Stalingrad

Both the Soviets and Germans poured troops into the Battle of Stalingrad. Having said that the aims were different. Hitler wanted to win in the city. Stalin, or more accurate Zhukov, wanted to hold in the city and win elsewhere. So where as the Germans massed troops the Soviets merely fed in sufficient troops to retain a presence on the western bank of the Volga.

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Sources for the Battle of Stalingrad

Annotated bibliography for the Battle of Stalingrad.

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Russian Naval Infantry in WW2

My interest in the Russian Naval Infantry of WW2 was sparked when reading accounts of the fighting at Stalingrad and in the Crimea. Sometime later I purchased and painted a Russian Naval Infantry Battalion to use for Crossfire. My challenge now is scenarios where I can use them.

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Sewers in Crossfire

Some musing on sewers in Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover sewers but sewers were an integral part of urban combat during WW2. So I wondered how to represent them in Crossfire.

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