15mm Portuguese Machine Guns – MG42, MG13, Madsen

If you’ve seen my page on 15mm Figures for the Portuguese Colonial War you’ll know that Peter Pig is the only source of Portuguese figures, i.e. with the G3 rifle and Portuguese cap. The trouble is the machine guns. The Peter Pig figures have a GPMG as the squad support weapon and some Russian thing on wheels as their heavy (HMG). That might be suitable for insurgents but not for Portuguese.

The Portuguese started the war using the Dreyse (MG13) and Madsen LMG in the squads, the German MG42 equipped for sustained fire at company level and a Breda at battalion level. From 1962 all of these were phased out in favour of the German M3 which the Portuguese designated the m/962 MG42-59. This was a slightly modified version of the original MG42.

MG42 as Squad Support Weapon

So my plan is to find suitable figures with an MG42 (i.e. WWII Germans) or MG3 (i.e. post-war Germans) and do a head swap. Peter Pig have a suitable head pack with the Portuguese cap (PP6-16).

I’ve already done a few. Here is my Cazadore MG42 Gunner, converted from German WW2 figure (ID=CM):

Cazadore with MG42 Converted from German
Cazadore with MG42 Converted from German
Cazadore with MG42 Converted from German
Cazadore with MG42 Converted from German

MG42 on Tripod

The MG42s equipped for sustained fire are easier. You can get MG42s on tripod from Essex Miniatures and match them with Portuguese crew from Peter Pig.

Madsen as Squad Support Weapon

Some Portuguese had the Madsen light machine gun in the squads. The Madsen looks quite like a Bren so lightly equipped British bren gunners – British in Italy or 14th Army – with a head swap will do here.

Dreyse (MG13) as Squad Support Weapon

I don’t have a clue how to get guys with the Dreyse (MG13). I can’t find any figures, not even WW1 figures, equipped with this weapon and can’t find a look-a-like.

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