15mm Wargaming Figures for Britannia 600 AD

There are a few possible suppliers of 15 mm for the Britannia 600 AD Campaign. My existing Dark Age kit is from Donnington Miniatures and Essex Miniatures. I mix them together but this won’t appeal to some as Donnington Miniatures are much bigger than Essex Miniatures, in fact they are much bigger than anybody else. At the time I put my Gothic army together I didn’t have a choice, but now there is much more on offer …

Outpost Wargames Services

I’ve only just discovered them. To quote the Fanaticus: Outpost Wargames Services Review they are “Highly compatible with Essex foot and cavalry. Well worth it – very cheap, a good mix of figures, and accurately designed. But if you don’t like gluing on shields & spears, you may have a problem. The foot commands are amongst the best I’ve seen”. Having picked up some samples I’d agree; nice figures; compatible with Essex; annoying to assemble. They’ve an impressive range including the usual suspects (Saxons, Picts), but also Druids, Shamans, and a Monk General. I’m tempted to give them a try.

Essex Miniatures

I like Essex in general, although they don’t appeal to everybody. They have several ranges which will help. The Dark Age and Medieval ranges are newer and more dynamic; I like them but some people won’t because you’ll find it had to get a “locked shields” look for the infantry. The Ancients figures are more staid and often lack variety. Essex have recently revamped their web site and made it much harder to find anything. Rummage around in their 15mm Catalogue and you’ll find:


Medieval Page 3

MFPE14: Warrior

MFPE15: Warrior

MFPE16: Praying

Ancients Page 5

Caledonian and Pictish – no pictures so check out Stéphane Fontaine’s PICTS.

Ancients Page 6


Ancients Page 7


DBA Army Packs (these often lack variety)

Quick Reaction Force (aka QRF/LKM)

QRF have Picts in their Feudal Castings range. They don’t have pictures but you can see some on Fanaticus: Reviews of Feudal Castings. I find QRF quite variable in quality and size – some are very good, some rubbish; some compatible in size with Essex but others are giants and yet others are midgets. According to Fanaticus: Reviews of Feudal Castings the Picts are consistent with Essex so might be worth a go.

QRF also have a nice pack of three witches and a cauldron.

Old Glory 15s

They have a Dark Age range. I’ve never seen any in the flesh but Neldoreth’s 15mm Viking DBA Army look inspiring. Old Glory sell bags of 50 infantry which is problematic for a DBA/HOTT army.

Museum Miniatures

For coracles, nudes, monks, nuns, captives (male & female), hordes, tents, fortifications, various animals (chickens, pigs, etc), and a whole bunch of other stuff. I like their infantry but not their horses. Infantry mix with Essex.

Magister Militum (including Chariot Miniatures)

I like Chariot Miniatures. The infantry are compatible with Essex however the Chariot horses are “realistic” so much smaller than the Essex equestrian giants. They have a pack of Druids & Screaming Women (I’ve got these but can’t find them just at the moment), and their animals (sheep, goats, oxen) are good. They have some dark age figures but I’ve never seen any of them to comment on.

e4 miniatures

stock some interesting ranges

Corvus Belli (also sold by a bunch of other people)

Herd of Cows, civilian Celts. Nice figures.

Baueda Wargames

Excellent Strongholds

Falcon Figures (UK)

(who, ironically, are now made in the USA by The Quarter Master)

Falcon Figures > 15mm Civilians and Camps > CIVILIANS AND USEFUL BITS
e.g. Nubile, kneeling slave girls
e.g. Celtic Pictish civilians, men, women, children
e.g. Viking Dark Age civilians, men, women, children
e.g. Highland Cows
e.g. Exotic Slave Girls and Slaver

Having said that I’ve bought Falcon Figures (UK) before and they figures are very tall compared to Essex.

Irregular Miniatures

Irregular have a Dark Ages range. Although I’ll purchase Irregular when I want variety or if they stock something I can’t get elsewhere (e.g. Granadine Mounted Crossbowman) I tend to avoid them. I’m not keen on the sculpting style, which I find a bit crude. I do mix them with Essex, but Irregular are a bit smaller and chunkier.

Tin Soldier (UK)

They’ve got Sub Roman (Brits) and Saxons. Some people like Tin Soldier but I’m not a fan. Their figures are chunky and deeply cut. I don’t think they are compatible with Essex.

Donnington Miniatures

Their figures are big and chunky. Have several ranges where are relevant


DKM1 Bishop, right hand raised in salutation, left hand holding bible
DKM2 Monk/Priest chanting, both hands raised
DKM3 Hooded Monk, praying
DKM4 Monk holding cross
DKM5 Armed Monk, spear, buckler
DKM6 Alter and cross
DKM7 Mounted Priest
DKM8 Mounted Monk
DKM9 Mule for DKM7 & 8

DBA Army Packs

Splintered Light Miniatures

A small company who concentrated on 15mm Fantasy but have recently branched out into Arthurian / Roman-British. The figures look very nice too.

Litko Aerosystems

Don’t sell figures, but they have nice laser cut plywood bases. I don’t use them for basing the fighting figures, but I’ve ordered some for the camp bases which being bigger have to be sturdier. 75x75mm or 90 x 60mm or 100 x 50mm or some variation. 3mm thick is fine and cheaper than the 1.5mm stuff.

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