15mm Wargaming Figures for Colonial Ceylon

Designed to be used with DBM/DBR lists (DBM book 4, lists 37 and 40, DBR book 3) but could be
used with any other lists. They can also be used as many other type of South East Asian types,
including South Chinese tribal troops (DBM Books 2,3,4), Hindu Indians, Viet/ Khmer Warband or
Auxiliaries, Tamils (DBR book 3, DBM book 2), Chinese pirates (DBR book 1).

MAL1 Warband with swords {v} [B]
MAL2 Bowmen {v} [B]
MAL3 Skirmishers with blowpipes [B]
MAL4 Musketeers {v} [B]
MAL5 Noble Cavalry {v} [B]
MAL6 Mounted Generals and Nobles {v} [B]
MAL8 Warband with spears {v} [B]
MAL9 Foot Command [B]
MAL10 Artillery Crews {v} [B]
MAL11 Small bombards and cannon balls [B]
MAL12 General’s elephant with howdah, general, parasol bearer [F]
MAL13 Elephant with howdah and spearmen. [F]
MAL14 Elephant with howdah and archers. [F]
MAL15 Baggage – 4 water buffalo & 4 servants. [B]
BUFF1 Water buffalo/oxen (x6) [B]
BUFF2 Draught water buffalo/oxen in harness (x6) [B]

Grumpy Miniatures: Indonesians/Malays

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