15mm Wargaming Figures for the Italian Wars

Here’s my guide to 15mm wargaming figures for the Italian Wars. When I started this project in the 1990s only Essex Miniatures and Gladiator Games (now Black Hat Miniatures) had reasonable Italian Wars ranges in 15 mm. These ranges were fine at the time but more recent ranges, such as Venexia Miniatures: Range 4, are much better.

The Ranges

Essex Miniatures

Essex Miniatures supplied most of my wargaming figures when I started this project. Their Italian Wars range is now a bit dated, particularly in regards the poses, but it is large and the figures are compatible with the rest of my collection.

See below for photos.

Black Hat Miniatures / Gladiator Games

The Gladiator Games (now Black Hat Miniatures) are slightly bigger, chunkier, than the Essex ones, but have much more dynamic poses. Most of my painted figures are from Gladiator.

Old Glory 15s – Italian Wars

Old Glory do a solid Italian Wars Range. But the bags are big and contain approximately 50 infantry, or 16 cavalry, 12 camels, or 6 guns with 24 crew.

Also available from TimeCast in the UK

VeneXia Miniatures

VeneXia Miniatures: Range 4 was fantastic, and if I had a chance I’d use their figures. Unfortunately, the company disappeared.

Luckily Lancashire Games now produces the VeneXia Miniatures Great Italian Wars range

Mirliton Later Swiss and Burgundian Wars / Vexillia

Mirliton have a slight earlier range – the Later Swiss and Burgundian Wars. you can get them from Vexillia in the UK. Very nice figures although the costumes are slightly less flamboyant than they would be in Italy.

Alternative Armies / Table Top Games

The basis of this range are the old Table Top Games (TTG). I recall them as being smallish, particularly the horse. Apparently Alternative Armies had added to the range.

Includes a couple of HOTT elements:

  • HOT101 Da Vinci Tank
  • HOT102 Leonardo Da Vinci (Foot And Mounted)

Khurasan Miniatures – Italian Wars Swiss

Khurasan generally look great figures. They’ve done an Italian Wars Swiss range.

Museum Miniatures – Landsknechts

Museum Miniatures do a range of Landsknechts

QRF – Renaissance

QRF have a Renaissance range. Generally costumes looks more Burgundian Wars than Italian Wars to me, although there are some items which are definitely Italy. I like the Stradiots and Genitors. Warning: the pikemen come with no pikes.

Naismith & Roundway – Medieval to Renaissance

Naismith & Roundway do a Medieval to Renaissance range. No pictures to judge anything by.

Essex Miniatures

I have a large pile of unpainted figures from Essex Miniatures. Because of that I’ve put all the photos from the Essex site together on one page so I can figure out which is what.

The relevant ranges from Essex Miniatures are:

Late Medieval

MER1: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1390, ass. bascinets, jupon, L. sh. BH.

MER1a: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1390, ass. bascinets, jupon, L. sh. UH.

MER2: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1390, ass. bascinets, jupon, sh. M.A. or Sw. BH.

MER2A: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1390, ass. bascinets, jupon, sh. M.A. or Sw. UH

MER3: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1380, ass. helms, loose surcoat L.sh.BH.

MER3A: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1380, ass. helms, loose surcoat sh. M.A. or Sw. UH.

MER4: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1390, ass. helms, jupon L. sh. BH.

MER4a: Mid. Kn. 1360-1390 ass. helms, jupon L. sh. UH.

MER5: Mtd. Kn. 1360-1400, studded surcoat ass. helms, L. sh. BH.

MER5a: Mtd. Kn.1360-1400, studded surcoat, ass. helms, L. sh. UH.

MER6: Mtd. Kn.1400-1430, full plate gt. helm. L. AH.

MER6a: Mtd. Kn. 1400-1430, full plate gt. helm. L. UH.

MER7: Mtd. Kn. 1400-1430, full plate ass. gt. helm. L. AH.

MER7a: Mtd. Kn. 1400-1430, full plate ass. gt. helm. L. UH.

MER8: Mtd. Kn. 1400-1430, full plate, gt. helm. M.A. or Sw. AH.

MER8a: Mtd. Kn. 1400-1430 full plate gr. helm. M.A. or Sw. UH.

MER9: Mtd. Kn. 1420-1480 full plate sallet L. AH.

MER9a: Mtd. Kn. 1420-1480, full plate sallet L. UH.

MER10: Mtd.Kn.1420-1480, full plate sallet M.A. or sw, AH

MER10a: Mtd. Kn. 1420-80, full plate sallet, M.A or Sw., UH

MER11: Mtd.Kn. 1420-1480, full plate sallet L. AH

MER11a: Mtd.Kn. 1420-1480, full plate sallet L. UH

MER12: Mtd.Kn. 1420-1480, full plate sallet M.A or sw. AH

MER12a: Mtd.Kn. 1420-1480, full plate sallet M.A or sw. UH

MER13: Heavy mounted handgunner.

MER14: Heavy archer firing.

MER15: Heavy archer preparing to fire.

MER16: Retinue archer firing.

MER17: Retinue archer at ease.

MER18: Retinue archer drawing arrow.

MER19: Retinue halberdier

MER20: Medium/heavy cav. shieldless (Border Horse).

MER21: Gallowglass, heavy axemen.

MER22: Bonnachte or Gallowglas medium/heavy axemen.

MER23: Ass. mtd. Lesser Man At Arms/ Curror (shieldless).

MER24: Mtd. archer.

MER25: Mtd. archer, on foot firing.

MER26: Ass, medium/heavy handgunners.

MER27: Ass. mtd. crossbowmen.

MER28: Ass. medium/heavy billmen

MER29: Ass. Partisanmen

MER30: Irish 16th cent. medium/heavy cavalry (shieldless)

MER31: Demilance.

MER32: Isleman/Galloglaich, long tunic round shield, spear

MER33: Isleman/Galloglaich, long tunic kite shield, spear

MER34: Isleman/Galloglaich, mail coat round shield, spear

MER35: Isleman/Galloglaich, mail coat kite shield, spear

MER36: 15C Dismounted Knights/Men At Arms 1400-1500

MER36a: Late-14C Dismounted Knights/Men at Arms 1350-99

MER37: 15C Command pack: Mtd. General/Noble, standard bearer Herald 1400-1500

Landsknecht (16th Century)

RNL1: Landsknecht Command pack: Mtd. Officer & bodyguard

RNL13: Landsknecht Command pack: Officer, Standard bearer & drummer

RNL2: Landsknecht Ass. Medium Pikemen

RNL3: Landsknecht Ass. Heavy Pikemen

RNL4: Landsknecht Ass. Medium Halberdier

RNL5: Landsknecht Ass. Heavy Halberdier

RNL7: Landsknecht Ass. Musketeer firing

RNL8: Landsknecht Ass. Musketeer ass. poses

RNL9: Landsknecht Ass. Arquebusier firing

RNL10: Landsknecht Ass. Arquebusier, ass. poses

RNL11: Landsknecht Ass. crossbowmen firing

RNL12: Landsknecht Ass. crossbowmen, ass. poses

RNL6: Landsknecht Ass. Two handed swordsmen

RNL14: Landsknecht Landsknecht artillerymen (6 per pack)

Early Italian Wars

Generals and Staff

MER53: 16C Mtd. Officers suitable for Gendarmes or Generals 1500-1600.


MER49: 15-16C Gendarme closed helm. no plume AH.

MER49a: 15-16C Gendarme closed helm. no plume UH.

MER50: 15-16C Gendarme ass. sallets AH

MER50a: 15-16C Gendarme ass. sallets UH.

MER51: 15-16C Ass. Gendarmes AH.

MER51a: 15-16C Ass. Gendarmes UH.

MER52: 15-16C Ass. Gendarmes AH.

MER52a: 15-16C Ass. Gendarmes UH.

MER54: 15-16C Genitor medium/heavy spear sh. (cav)

MER36b: 15-16C Two horseholders & four armoured horses


MER38: 15-16C Command pack: Foot command

MER40: 15-16C Ass. heavy pikemen

MER41: 15-16C Ass. medium pikemen.

MER42: 15-16C Ass. heavy halberdiers.

MER43: 15-16C Ass. medium halberdiers.

MER57: 15-16C Ass. medium billmen.

MER56: 15-16C Ass. medium swordsmen.

MER39: 15-16C Ass. handgunners /Arquebusiers

MER55: 15-16C Ass. medium spearmen.

MER44: 15-16C Medium crossbowmen, Sallet, firing.

MER45: 15-16C Medium crossbowmen, Sallet with visor, firing.

MER46: 15-16C Heavy crossbowman, Barbute, at ease.

MER47: 15-16C Crossbowman, ass. poses

MER58: 15-16C Crossbowman mail & peaked helm, firing

MER59: 15-16C Crossbowman mail & peaked helm, loading


MER48: 15-16C Ass. artillerymen.

Late Italian Wars & French Wars of Religion

Generals and Staff

MER53: 16C Mtd. Officers suitable for Gendarmes or Generals 1500-1600.


MER80: Mid-16C Mtd. Men at Arms, closed helmet, three quarter armour, pistols

MER81: Mid-16C Mtd. Men at Arms, closed helmet with lance

MER81a: Mid-16C Mtd. Men at Arms, closed helmet, lance, two pistols

MER82: Mid-16C Mounted Arquebusier

MER60: Mid-16C Mtd crossbowen (2’Variants)

MER83: Mid-16C Reiter. two pistols


REN110: Early Reiter with spear
Mid 16th Century


REN110a: Early Reiter with spear and 2 pistols
Mid 16th Century

MER61: Mid-16C Stradiot (2 Variants)


REN106: Stradiot, lance and shield
Mid 16th Century


REN107: Stradiot sword & shield
Mid 16th Century

MER62: Mid-16C “Miller” Man At Arms closed helm. cassock two pistols UH.


REN109: Herreruelo (Spanish mounted pistoleer)
Mid 16th Century


MER78: Mid-16C Command pack: Officer, standard bearer, drummer.

MER74: Mid-16C Ass. heavy pikemen.

MER75: Mid-16C Ass. medium pikemen, hats.

MER76: Mid-16C Ass. heavy halberdiers helmet.

MER77: Mid-16C Ass. heavy halberdiers,hats.

MER63: Mid-16C Ass. armoured swordsmen round shield.

MER64: Mid-16C Musketeer with rest, morion, firing. (2 variants)

MER65: Mid-16C Musketeer with rest, hat, firing.

MER66: Mid-16C Musketeer with rest, ass. hats, firing.

MER67: Mid-16C Ass. musketeers, hats & helmets

MER68: Mid-16C Arquebusier Burgonet, at ease.

MER69: Mid-16C Arquebusier, hat, at ease.

MER70: Mid-16C Arquebusier morion, firing.

MER71: Mid-16C Arquebusier peaked helmet, firinq.

MER72: Mid-16C Arquebusier hat, firing.

MER72a: Mid-16C Ass. Arquebusiers

MER73: Mid-16C Arquebusiers (short Arquebus) firing (2 variants).

MER84: Mid-16C English Archer, 1500-1540

MER85: Mid-16C English Medium Billmen adv. 1500-1540

MER86: Mid-16C English billman, halted 1500-1540


MER79: Mid-16C Artillerymen

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