15mm Wargaming Figures for the Macedonian and Punic Wars

My figures are predominantly from Essex Miniatures although Chariot Miniatures (now owned by Magister Militum)appear frequently among the Roman Legionaries, Numidians, Italians and Spanish allies. The infantry of the two ranges are entirely compatible. The cavalry are not compatible. I opted for the large Essex Miniatures horses because all my other armies are that size. Magister Militum have more realistic but much smaller horses. The only exception is for the Numidians – the numidian horses of both ranges are compatible.

As I wanted variety more than perfect quality the odd Donnington and Irregular figure can also be seen in the Italian and Spanish ranks. I was amazed at how well the Donnington figures painted up. I consider Essex and Chariot far superior to Donnington, but after painting and mixing all the brands together, there was little to distinguish them. Irregular figures are not so blessed.

There have been more recent figure releases including Corvus Belli, MiniatureWars, Pass o’ the North, and Xyston. I’m disinclined to go with Xyston because they are reputably large figures … more 18mm than 15mm.

I’ve started getting Corvus Belli Spanish figures for variety. They mix well with Essex and Magister Militum and are nice figures. But they lack necks.


Essex Miniatures

Warning: Some of the Essex Caetrati have hoplon shields, eeeek!!! I used them for Italians instead.

RO13 Scutarii LMI
RO14 Caetrati light infantry [ST: With correct small round shields]
MPA74 Spanish med/light cavalry [ST: Quite a stiff uncomfortable pose]
MPA103 Command pack: Mounted General / Cavalry Officer.
MPA104 Medium cav. jav. & round sh.
MPA105 Medium cav. jav. & oval sh.
MPA106 Heavy cav. jav.& round sh.
MPA107 Heavy cav. jav. & oval sh.
MPA108 Light cav.
MPA109 Scutarii – assorted poses
MPA112 Celtiberlan javelinman
MPA113 Balearic slingers

Magister Militum

CAR017 Baelaric Slinger
HOG012 Spanish Scutarii, sword, javelin, shield
HOG013 Spanish Scutarii, crested sinew helm
SCC00 6 Celtiberian Scutarii, sword
SCC010 Iberian Caetrati, Spear, Round Shield
SCC0 11 Iberian Caetrati

Carthaginian: Poeni and Libyan

Essex Miniatures

MPA72 Poeni heavy cavalry, javelin, & shield
MPA76 Poeni citizen spearmen med/heavy
MPA77 Medium Libyan spearmen
MPA78 Heavy Libyan spearmen
MPA79 Libyan javelinman
MPA80 Command pack: Officer/Std.bearer
MPA81 Libyan or Carthaginian 4 horse chariot with driver & two javelinmen
MEPA82 Indian elephant with driver & two javelinmen in howdah
MEPA82a African elephant with driver
MEPA82b African elegant with driver and two javelinmen in tower

Magister Militum

CAR00 4 Elephant, Driver, 2 Spearmen
CAR00 5 Elephant, Driver, 2 Armoured Spearmen
CAR0 11 Poeni Citizen medium spearmen
CAR018 Light Javelinman


Essex Miniatures

MPA75 Numidian light cavalry
RO9 Light cavalry jav. & shield, assorted
RO10 Foot archer, assorted
RO11 Javelinmen with shield, assorted
RO12 Slinger, assorted

Magister Militum

CAR00 9 Numidian Cavalry light horse MP
CAR014 Numidian Javelinmen
VVV019 Numidian Horse


The most important deviation from using Essex miniatures was the use of Battle Honours figures for the Roman Citizen Cavalry. The Essex figure is appropriate for the conquest of Spain but not for the Punic Wars. In contrast the Battle Honours figure is perfect for the earlier period, looking more Greek than Gallic. However, I did use the Essex mounted Generals (both Roman and Greek).

Warning: do not try to mix Battle Honours Punic War foot with Essex. The Battle Honours infantry are skinny giants in comparison. Strangely the cavalry mix well.

Essex Miniatures

RO1 Command pack: Mtd. General
RO2 Legionary pilum & shield
RO3 Legionary pilum & shield
RO4 Legionary long spear & shield
RO5 Velites light infantry, javelin & shield
RO6 Heavy cavalry, Javelin & shield [ST: Actually these guys are more suitable for Latter Republic
because of their Helmets.]
RO8 Command pack: Foot officers, Std. bearers & musicians

Magister Militum

VCR00 8 Leves, long spear
ITI006 Etruscan javelinman [ST: I mixed them in with the Leves for variety]


Essex Miniatures

RO7 Italian Medium/heavy cavalry javelin & shield
MPA73 Companion med. cavalry, javelin, & shield
MPA110 Spanish Caetrati – assorted poses *
MPA111 Spanish Caetrati bare heads – asstd. poses *
MPA121 Campanian or Lucanian Medium cav. jav. asstd. helmets
MPA122 Campanian or Lucanian Medium car. jav. asstd. helmets
MPA123 Campanian or Lucanian Hoplites asstd. helmets
MPA124 Campanian or Lucanian Asstd. light/med. javelinmen

* ST: Although callled Spanish Caetrati they have Hoplite style shields making them inappropriate for Spanish but suitable for Italians.

Magister Militum

ITI001 Oscan spearman with Wicker Shield
ITI007 Oscan Javelinman, Shield
ITI008 Apulian Javelinman, Shield


Magister Militum

BAR005 Javelinmen, shieldless [ST: I added a small round shield]


Magister Militum

CAR015 Ligurian Javelinmen


Veni Vidi Vici Shield Transfers 15mm Hellenistic

G12 Seleucid design – Based on Head (1982) Figure 40o Seleucid. Use for:

  • Phalanx Pikemen have a mix of Red, Black, White, Light Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple
  • Agyraspides Pikemen have just Red

Later Macedonian

Veni Vidi Vici Shield Transfers 15mm Hellenistic

G6 Macedonian Star – Based on Head (1982) Figure 40h; Antigonid.
G13 Star & Surround – Based on Head (1982) Figure 40a; Pre-Alexandrian.

And more stuff to merge into the above …

Punic Wars Numidian
Donnington NUC1 Moorish Prince
Chariot VVV19 Numidian Horse
Chariot CAR9 Numidian Horse
Chariot CAR14 Numidian Javelinmen
Essex Numidian Javelinman
Essex Numidian Cavalry
Essex MPA Numidian Cavalry

Punic Wars Roman
Battle Honours ROC1 Roman Cavalryman
Battle Honours HR23 Ancients Heavy Horse trotting
Museum 15/HP03 Hastati
Essex Hastati
Essex Principes
Essex Triarii
Essex Foot command
Essex Velites
Chariot IT1 Oscan spearman
Chariot IT2 Oscan Hoplite
Chariot IT3 Etruscan Hoplite
Chariot IT4 Oscan Cavalry
Chariot VCR2 Velite, Animal Skin Javelin, Shield
Chariot VCR3 Hastati
Chariot VCR7 Penal Legionary
Chariot VCR8 Veles
Chariot VCR10 Principes, Sword, Shield
Chariot VCR11 Hastati, Sword, Shield

Punic Wars Spanish
Chariot HOG13 Spanish Scutarii (great figure)
Chariot SCC6 Celtiberian Scutarii, Sword, Long Shield
Chariot SCC10 Iberian Caetrati, Spear, Round Shield
Chariot SCC… Every other Spanish pack that has been released
Chariot HOG13 Spanish Scutarii
Chariot CAR7 Spanish Cavalry
Essex Spanish Scutarii
Essex Spanish Caetrati

Punic Wars Carthaginian
Chariot CAR11 Poeni Citizen MI
Chariot CAR13 Libyan Spearman
Chariot CAR15 Ligurian
Essex AGB11 Gallic Hvy Cav
Essex AGB12 Gallic Mounted Command Pack
Essex Libyan Spearman
Essex Libyan Spearman (Veteran)
Essex Carthaginian foot command
Essex Carthaginian Cavalry
Essex Greek mounted command
Museum 15/GL14 Celtic Officer

Carthaginian/Roman- Baggage
Essex XEQ13 Mule Cart
Essex RXE3 2 wheeled cart with horse
Essex MFPE11 2 wheeled baggage wagon with horse
Essex MFPE11A 2 wheeled baggage wagon with oxen

Spanish/Celtic/German – Baggage
Chariot BAR5 Javelinmen (shieldless)
Chariot BAR26 Elderly, Women, Slaves, etc
Donnington AD1..6 Pagan Religious Group
Frei Korp Pagan Religious Group

Punic Wars Roman – Tarantines / Illyrians
Essex MPA7 Thracian Light cav
Essex MPA15 Thessalian light cav
Essex MPA32 Greek light cav

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