15mm Wargaming Figures for the Spanish Civil War

As I got into the Spanish Civil War I thought I’d write up my notes about the various ranges, mainly so I could remember what to buy if I ever reordered.

Peter Pig

I like 15 mm so this list started with Peter Pig Range 13: Spanish Civil War. I made up a chart about what Peter Pig figures to use for which forces. As other manufacturers added ranges I added notes on them as well. I must admit that I have also used some WWI figures (e.g. British Infantry with a French Adrian Helmet added), WWII figures (e.g. French Infantry and Italian mortar crews); these are from Peter Pig, Battle Front Miniatures, and QRF.

The Late Queen

A recent addition to the market is The Late Queen. They specialise in SCW and have Italians and Carlists so far. Very nice figures and compatible with Peter Pig.


QRF have some specialist SCW figures. These are considerably bigger than Peter Pig, so won’t mix well except to be BIG chaps amongst smaller compatriots. Their WWI Anzacs are not great figures, but they a similar scale as Peter Pig (actually a little smaller) and can stand in for Foreign Legion with floppy sun hat.

Napoleon Miniatures

Napoleon Miniatures promised a 15mm Spanish Civil War range but their website looks a bit dead so I’m not holding my breath.


You will also find some options for Vehicles appropriate the period.

I got my tanks (Panzer Is, T-26s) and unarmoured trucks from Battle Front Miniatures mainly because Evan Allen – the designer – said he’d paint them for me.

My armoured trucks came from Stronghold Miniatures.

Other Scales


Irregular Miniatures

Irregular Miniatures do a 6mm range for the Spanish Civil War. I’ve only seen photos.


Hotspur / Historical Products Company / Bandera Miniatures

The major metal range in 20mm is that from Hotspur. These were sculpted by Dave Allsop in the early 1980s. I believe they are now owned by Pat Condray of the Historical Products Company in the USA. R H Models: Bandera Miniatures have a license from HPC to also produce and sell these figures.

Irregular Miniatures

Irregular Miniatures do a 20mm range for the Spanish Civil War. I’ve only seen photos.

Los Tiznaos Spanish Civil War Armour Series

John Baumann produces four resin/metal armoured cars in 1/76 scale. Look up Los Tiznaos Spanish Civil War Armour Series. The series includes: Durruti’s MTM No.4, Vulcan Mark II, The Republican ‘Louse’, The Mobile Pillbox.


Some rather nice ranges of 28mm miniatures:

Force of Arms

Anglian Miniatures

Empress Miniatures

10 thoughts on “15mm Wargaming Figures for the Spanish Civil War”

  1. Hi Again,

    Minairons needs to be listed here…Check them out!

    They are an excellent new company out of Catalonia and are producing excellent models in multiple scales.

    Also, Irregular miniatures can be a real “Hit or Miss” proposition. However, their 20mm SCW Moroccans are Excellent! Fez’s mixed in with action poses and formation poses. Their Useful Guns Range, IMO, is quite decent, for both 15mm and 20mm minis.


    Scot “FatalFlaw”

    • I just had a look at Minairons. In 15mm they seem to have some resin or plastic vehicles of their own. But the vast majority of 15mm kit (infantry, artillery, some vehicles) is just the Peter Pig range.

      • True. However, they have 2 planes and are almost done with Grumman FF1, also don’t be confused by what they have in 15mm and 20mm. They have an excellent line started in what they call 1/72 scale. Did you see their Militiawoman? Nationalist and Republican Boxes?

        Also, they take requests and many excellent items are coming down the pipe.



  2. Hi Again,

    I just wanted to add a few things here for anyone trying to flush out SCW collections, including the CTV with Lancia Trucks and Armored Cars, and/or good Mortar troops, motorcyclists etc.

    QRF, mentioned above, do in fact have a small range for SCW with Guns, Armored Cars and Troops. Their troops have never been anything to write home about, but, for some variation, mix in with Peter Pig just fine. Meanwhile, their Armored Cars are pretty good and they make key items, which cannot be found anywhere else at the moment, in 15mm or 1/100 scale. For example, QRF has provided me with FAI, UNL-35 and Lancia IZM, Armored Cars!

    True North makes a small line of early war WWII miniatures to include Poles, Hungarians, Russians, and Others. This is a useful line for Motorcycles(I use the Poles again), and Horse Limber teams. I have their Polish Limber teams in Adrian Helmets for my Republicans and I use a mix of Russian Limbers with differing heads, a la Peter Pig, to flush out generic Limber teams and Nationalist specific teams. They also have the Bofors 37mm AT used by Nationlist forces, etc.

    Old Glory 15’s or Quality Castings has a line of Partisans and Civilians, and their Partisan 50mm Mortar teams work great for Valero lt. mortars etc. In fact, they provide overkill for crew, so that you can make up (6) 50mm mortar teams and up to (6) observation teams, depending on your preferred number of figs for light mortar stands, for about 7.00 BPS or around $10.00. Also, most of these guys are in berets or without head gear. Not Bad!

    No Pasaran Miniatures are filling in 15mm after finishing their 20mm line….I have 82mm Mortars on order…We’ll see, but their 20mm stuff looks fine to me, at least as good as the Old Hotspur line, if a little less bulky.

    ‘Til Next Time….Cheers,


  3. I see No Pasaran Miniatures mentioned. I am afraid I would not recommend using them. I have been waiting nearly a year for them to deliver an order.

    • I thought that I was the only one…Damn!

      Yep, I can no longer recommend these guys either!

      I purchased several “needed” items, never received any product, and have never been given even the time of day, in response to numerous emails, two of which, a Spanish speaking friend wrote for me.

      Meanwhile, Minairons continues to produce excellent models and figures, I just wish that they would produce their figures boxes in 15mm….Waaa!

      No More ‘No Pasaran’ for me!!!


    • Hi Again,

      Manolo you are lucky to not have wasted time or money on No Pasaran!

      Recently I found the reinvented Capitan Miniatures under their new name BatleModels.

      This is exciting to me and should be for other 15mm SCW enthusiasts, as they offer a fairly extensive line of miniatures to include Hvy and Med. Mortars and harder to find arty., specific to this conflict. While they do run a little on the larger side of the 15mm ranges I’ve used (they are what some are calling 18mm and are close to this), they do not look too out of place next to Battlefront Miniatures bulkiness. Peter Pig can be mixed in to allow for differing human sizes and, if painted together, can look really great.

      I have yet to build any of their vehicle models, but am putting in a good order here in the next month. Once I receive them and finish some, I will report back here.


      Scott ‘FatalFlaw’

  4. Hi,

    I was also cheated by No Pasaran. 200 euros! Never saw any minis. Don’t you want to do something about it? I am aware of 2 more cases.




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