15mm Wargaming Figures for WW2

As time marches on the range of WW2 wargaming figures in 15mm (1/100th) scale increases. Generally these are metal figures. In the older ranges the vehicles are metal; newer ranges tend to combine resin and metal. More recently hard plastic ranges are appearing with both infantry and vehicles.

Battle Front / Flames of War

Metal. The Battle Front / Flames of War range was not the first but probably the figure range that popularised 15mm WW2. Vehicles are either 100% resin or a mix of resin/metal. They have a huge range. Most of my kit is from them.

Peter Pig

Metal. Peter Pig: Range 8 Poor Bloody Infantry includes: British, US, German, Italian, Civilians, French, Russian, Dutch, and Japanese. Vehicles are metal. The older figures are smaller than the Battle Front equivalents; they do mix but aren’t very close. Newer figures are a good match.

Essex Miniatures

Metal. The Essex Miniatures: WW2 Range has German, British, US and French. I use them occasionally because their figures mix better with Battle Front than the older Peter Pig figures.

They also have the Skytrex range of WW2 vehicles and figures in the Accessories catalogue.

Command Decision

Metal. Command Decision are the Skytrex miniatures produced in the US by Old Glory. So they are available at Skytrex: Command Decision and Old Glory UK: Command Decision. Essex Miniatures also have the “Skytrex range” of WW2 vehicles and figures in the Accessories catalogue.

The range includes: British, US, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and French. Vehicles are metal.

Quality Castings

Metal. Seem to have a good reputation. Available from Old Glory 15s: Quality Castings.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Metal. The Quick Reaction Force (QRF): WW2 Range is quite big. I’ve only purchased some Soviet Office/Workshop trucks from them as these weren’t available from other suppliers. Okay.

Forged in Battle

Forged in Battle do resin kits, cheap. Virtually no assembly required. The product approach means the vehicles come attached to a base. The range includes German, US, British, French, Russian and Polish.

Plastic Soldier Company

The Plastic Soldier Company sell, not surprisingly, plastic figures. Their range is expanding and has some US, British, Russian and German options. I find the infantry poses a little stiff and their vehicle kits require assembly so I’m not so keen. But they are very cheap and my mate Roland speaks highly of them in terms of detail.

Wargames Factory

Plastic. The Wargames Factory: WW2 range just includes German Infantry.

Eureka Miniatures

Metal. The WW2 range of Eureka Miniatures has some good stuff in it. And very nice figures judging by the photos. The range includes:

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