15mm Wargaming Figures to use for Portuguese Africa 1500-1700

First of the Portuguese range. This is from East Riding Miniatures: Grumpy Miniatures: Colonial Portuguese:

Grumpy Portuguese

PORT1 Portuguese Crossbowmen {v}
PORT2 Portuguese Arquebusiers {v}
PORT3 Portuguese with Sword and Buckler {v}
PORT4 Africans with Sword and Buckler {v}
PORT5 Portuguese Pikemen {v}
PORT6 African Pikemen {v}
PORT7 Portuguese with Halberds {v}
PORT8 Africans with Halberds {v}
PORT9 Foot Command {v}
PORT10 Artillery Crews (use BUC06) {v}
PORT11 African Powder Pot Throwers (x2) & Swordsmen

Blue Moon Africans

Blue Moon Manufacturing: Darkest Africa range has some superb African warriors. Choose from 11 tribes each with a unique costume and combine with your choice of six shield shapes.

The trouble is they are all spear armed and Kongo warriors seemed to prefer the bow. They are probably more suitable for East Africa.

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  1. The Grumpys are great.
    Lots of character, animation and variation in a bag.
    I recently got some for an Age of Exploration Portuguese band.

    Also got a band of Indonesian / Malays, fierce looking chaps.


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