2d6 Armour Rule for Crossfire

Some musing on a 2d6 Armour Rule for Crossfire. The 2d6 Armour Rule merges ACC and PEN together and changes the ARM values correspondingly.

The real benefit of the 2d6 system is that it ignores ratings for specific characteristics (e.g. ACC and PEN) and instead offers an overall effectiveness. And anything can influence this effectiveness, including muzzle velocity, penetration, but also crew efficiency, rate of fire, or whatever.

As it happens the 2d6 roll offers less statistical variation than 2 x 1d6 in succession (ACC then PEN). A +1 on the 2d6 is approximately the same proportional weight as a +2 on either ACC or PEN. That means there is no equivalent of +1 to ACC (or +1 to PEN) in the 2d6 world.

Gun Effectiveness (GUN)

Each gun has a Gun Effectiveness. This ranges from 4 to 9, and for an average gun is 7. Low is good.

Armour (ARM)

Each vehicle has an armour value (ARM). This ranges from 0 to 4, but is typically 2 or 3 for a tank. 0 ARM represents soft skinned vehicles. High is good.

Anti-tank fire

For anti-tank fire add the GUN of the shooter to the ARM of the target. This gives the Kill Potential. The shooter must equal or exceed this on 2d6 to kill the target. Double ones are always a miss, and double sixes are always a kill.

Possible modifiers to die roll

Veteran -1 to Gun Effectiveness
Green +1 to Gun Effectiveness

Shooter stationary -1 to Gun Effectiveness (only counts if stationary the entire initiative)

Target moving fast +1 to ARM

Example Stats

Russian 76 mm field gun Gun = 6.
KV-1 Gun = 6, ARM = 4/2.
Panzer III. Gun = 7, ARM = 3/1
Panzer IV. Gun = 6, ARM = 3/2

Examples of Shooting

Russian 76 mm field gun fires at a Panzer IV frontally.
The Russian gun has a Gun Effectiveness of 6, and the Panzer IV has an ARM of 3, so the Russian
needs 9+ to kill the Panzer.

The same gun firing at a Half-track (ARM = 1) needs a 7+ to kill.

A stationary Russian KV-1 with a green crew is shooting at a fast moving Panzer III.
The KV-1 has a Gun Effectiveness of 6 + 1 (Green) – 1 (Stationary) = 6.
The Panzer III has an ARM of 3 + 1 (fast moving) = 4.
So the KV-1 needs 10+ to kill the Panzer.

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