3 Round Tarnopol – A Crossfire Campaign

3 Round Tarnopol uses the 3 Round Campaign mechanisms within the historical context of Tarnopol for a Crossfire campaign. The structure of the game guarantees three different Crossfire games are played from a possible set of five scenarios.

Campaign Chart

The campaign has three rounds (Penetration, Consolidation, and Break Through) and includes five possible scenarios. The Campaign Chart shows the scenarios to use in rounds two and three depending on who wins earlier games. For example, Breakout is only played if the Russians win both rounds one and two. The Scenarios in Red are where the Russians attack, and those in Blue are where the Germans attack. As you can see the Russians always attack in the first two rounds, and the Germans always attack in the last round. The scenario in round one uses Recce and Casualty (AD) objectives, those in round two use Terrain objectives, and round three Breakthrough objectives. Although there are five scenarios, only three games will be played. Although one scenario (Battle Group Friebe) appears more than once in the Campaign Chart, it is guaranteed that three different scenarios will be fought during the campaign.

Campaign Map

As the Campaign Chart shows:

  1. Penetration: Use Russian Recce
  2. Consolidation:
  3. Break through: Either the

Campaign Results

The Campaign Chart shows the paths to victory. The final result depends on the results of each round. Three wins results in a major victory. Two wins followed by a loss in round three, results in a draw (this is to encourage the losing player to fight to the end). Other combinations result in a minor victory going to the player with two wins.

Five Scenarios

Each scenario simulates a major event, or significant type of action, in the siege. The five scenarios are designed to be balanced should you wish to play them in isolation.

Round Date Scenario Description Attacker Objectives
1 25 Mar Russian Recce One of the many Russian reconnaissance probes. Russians Recce and Casualty (AD)
2 28 Mar Push to the City Russian attack on the 949th Grenadier Regiment at the outskirts of the city. Russians Terrain
2 31 Mar SU-152s up close and personal Russian penetration toward the Railway Station, inside the city. Russians Terrain
3 14 Apr Battle Group Friebe German relief force trying to break through to the city. Germans Breakthrough
3 16 Apr Breakout The German defenders desperate attempt to escape. Germans Breakthrough

Causality Recovery

Each scenario uses a different force so there is no need to carry over casualties from one game to the next.

Play Test

Rich Wilcox and I played through the campaign. It took us 2 years because we don’t get together so often. Rich played the Germans and Steven the Russians. With two wins Rich got a Minor German Victory.

Round Scenario Battle Report Winner
1 Russian Recce Battle Report Steven
2 SU-152s up close and personal Battle Report Rich
3 Battle Group Friebe Battle Report Rich

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