A Few Suggestions for Crossfire House Rules

A member of the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum shared his house rules for Crossfire.

  • CC can shoot;
  • 50mm mortars are always on-table; act like FO (i.e. can’t shoot and move in the same initiative);
  • HMG can shoot to half-tracks or light tanks (ARM 1/1); drop 1 dice; target can rally as a squad;
  • Tanks equipped with radio can make firegroup / crossfire with others of the same platoon.

We don’t use the towed weapons rules, but allow 1 action per initiative to each on-table gun;

  • light AT, infantry guns and 81mm mortars, can change facing or move or shoot (like tanks)
  • medium or heavy AT or artillery can change facing or shoot (can’t move)

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