A Lasalle Endorsement from New Zealand

Lasalle has quickly become quite popular. John Moher, a regular wargaming correspondent of mine back in New Zealand, has this to say about Lasalle:

Lasalle Cover

Fast, Easy, Simple, and everything happens as you’d expect and it should…

Yes it has 1 or 2 little ‘bugs’ but it’s the rules that have truly inspired me to play Nappies… Much more so than even Shako – although Shako is still think is technically better (less holes) and is still my fallback set if Lasalle fades, I’ve also got Black Powder as a general alternative set as well but mainly looking to them for ECW and maybe 18th Century stuff. But lots of people are playing Lasalle over here, including many first time Nappie players.

However the NZ scene is still fractured – but there is a chance Lasalle could bring about 1/2 to 2/3 of the Nappie gamers back together for regular tournaments/conventions if it can be proven as a viable tournament set (and that’s without necessarily meaning a ultra-competitive one – the majority of guys seem really focussed on using it for fun social orientated games, not DBM/FOG still I want to win the comp attitude).

Most of our (Central Auckland) club’s Nappie players, some of the Bay of Plenty & Hawkes Bay guys, most in the Palmerston North, Hutt Valley & Wellington clubs, and a few guys in Dunedin/Invercargill are all going for it with Lasalle (in both 15mm & 28mm scales, many players in both)

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  1. “Nappies” really?!?!?! can you take note of anything said by someone who refers to this era as Nappies…


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