Using a Figures in Comfort Case for Storing 15mm Tanks

Figures in Comfort Mini Case

One winter’s evening in London I was loading my car with Crossfire kit to take to a club game. It was getting dark and just starting to rain. That was, of course, just the moment I dropped my box of 15mm tanks on the pavement. Over the next 30 minutes I was on hands and knees in the rain and dark trying to find the precious panzers. Luckily I managed to recover all of the vehicles but some received irreparable damage.

I never want to repeat that experience so, at the next show I went to, I picked up a case from Figures in Comfort.

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Challenges of Insurgent Warfare for Crossfire

Portuguese Convoy

My Portuguese Colonial War project has stalled. I’ve got the forces for both insurgents and Portuguese security forces. I’ve got palms for jungle. I should be ready to game but instead I’ve stalled.

My problem is figuring out how to wargame the the common Combat Missions in the Portuguese Colonial War when using Crossfire. Combat missions of a insurgency are different to conventional warfare such as World War II. So, as a step forward I thought I’d jot down my thoughts about these challenges. I’m not trying to solve those problems just articulate them clearly. These problems are probably present in other game systems but the initiative system, with the potential for infinite movement and repeated firing, makes some of these problems more acute in Crossfire.

Although I’ll focus on the Portuguese Colonial War these observations are also relevant for partizan warfare in WW2.

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Musing on Looting in Fogo Cruzado

African Looter

A feature of African conflicts was that poor quality troops were inclined to looting. So I though I’d see what that could look like in Fogo Cruzado, my Crossfire variant for the Portuguese Colonial War. What I came up with is the Looter characteristic. At some point, after play testing, these might become part of my Fogo Cruzado: Crossfire House Rules for the Portuguese Colonial War or perhaps a special rule for a specific scenario.

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