Arab Order of Battle in the War in Lebanon

A place holder for the order of battle used by the Arab forces – whether Christian, Muslim, Shia, Sunni, Druze, Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian – during the 1982 Lebanon War. I don’t have a lot here at the moment. I understand the Lebanese Militias operated in fairly ad hoc formations.

Lebanese Equipment

Zaloga (1981) says the equipment of the Lebanese army fell into the hands of the various Lebanese Militias during the 1975 civil war, including: M41s, M42s, Dusters, AMX-13s, Charioteers, M113s, and assorted armoured cars. Armoured cars (V-150 Commando, and AML-90) and M113s were also acquired on the open market by both sides. The Falange benefited from Israeli support in the form of old M50 Super Shermans and some M113s. Similarly the PLO had Syrian support, so presumably got Soviet equipment.

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