Army Lists and Points System for Twilight of the Sun-King

Some suggestions for army lists for my Twilight of the Sun-King rules.

Quality of troops

Units which are superior for any reason add 1 to morale rolls and to the score on the die roll when attempting an action. Inferior units deduct 1 from these rolls. All other units are ordinary.

Points cost

Troop Type Inferior Ordinary Superior
Foot 8 10 14
Dragoon 12 15 21
Horse 16 20 28
Artillery 15

Troop proportions in armies

Up to 10% Artillery.

Up to 20% Horse (excluding Dragoons).

Up to 35% Horse (including Dragoons).

Rest Foot.

Troop quality is restricted by nationality, but is otherwise at your discretion.

Nationalities of armies

Armies can be Anglo-Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Franco-Spanish or Anglo-Portuguese.

Anglo-Dutch and French armies are limited to 8 units in size; other armies can be any size.

In Franco-Spanish and Anglo-Portuguese armies of > 8 units, then the Spanish and Portuguese must out number the rest of army, ignoring Artillery.

Superior: All elite troops and troops using innovative tactics (Foot using platoon firing; Horse using shock action) and/or technology (battalion guns). Includes Guards of any nation, and all Anglo-Dutch Foot and Horse (except Dragoons).

Inferior: Levies of any nation. Includes all native Spanish and Portuguese except Guards.

Ordinary: Veterans. All other units.

Example list: Anglo-Portuguese

Nationality Type Number Points Total
Combined Artillery (O) 3 15 45
Anglo-Dutch Foot (S) 3 14 42
Horse (S) 1 28 28
Dragoon (O) 1 21 21
Portuguese Foot (I) 3 8 24
Horse (I) 1 16 16
Dragoon (I) 1 12 12

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