Army Lists for New World DBA

These are army lists for my revised New World DBA (see New World DBA Rules ). They are based on, but aren’t identical to, the condensed versions of the DBM and DBR army lists. The army point (AP) system is essentially that from DBR. To allow some choice, each Army List includes about 45 AP of compulsory troops and has a maximum total – if all troops could be taken – of about 180 AP.

Army Composition

Typical armies are made up of 75 AP worth of troops, plus a camp, and optional camp follower and BUA denizen. I was using 90 AP but following the lead of the Washington Area DBA Gamers association (WADBAG)) I moved to the smaller 75 AP. 90 AP corresponds to a 100 AP DBM or DBR army.

Each army has a general who can be assigned to any element; the default troop type for the general is indicated in each Army List by (Gen). Making a element a general requires no additional AP as all armies have one and only one.

The camp and optional camp follower and denizens are free but other elements cost the following AP.


Element Type Abbreviation Cost
DBA equivalents
Base Size (mm)
No. Figures
Lancer aka Knight Ln 15 3Kn 40 x 40 3
Shooters European ShE 7 3Bw, 4Bw, CB 40 x 20 3-4
Superior ShS 5 4Ax, 3Bw, 4Bw 40 x 40 5-8
Ordinary ShO 3 3Ax, 3Bw 40 x 40 5-8
Blades European BdE 7 3Bd, 4Bd 40 x 20 3-4
Superior BdS 5 4Bd, 3Wb, 4Wb 40 x 40 5-8
Ordinary BdO 3 3Ax, 4Bd, 5Wb 40 x 40 5-8
(i.e. Psiloi)
Sk 2 2Ps 40 x 20 2
Artillery Art 15 Art 40 x 40 1 gun + crew
(i.e. WWg (I) )
Lit 3 Lit 40 x 40 1 litter + crew
Pike Pk 3 4Pk 40 x 20 4
Spear Sp 4 3Sp, 4Sp 40 x 20 4
War dogs (i.e. Warband) Wb 3 3Wb 40 x 40

Specific Army Lists

There are specific army lists for:



Other theatres:

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