Alexander the Great’s Solo DBA Campaign

Paul from the Man Cave wondered if I’d seen Solo Wargamer: Micro-Campaigning Part II. I hadn’t but I did find it quite interesting – it reminds me of the mechanisms that Two Hour Wargames use for their campaigns. My first thought was that this would be perfect for a campaign featuring Alexander’s trek into the East. (Can you tell what I’ve been reading lately?) It uses DBA.

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Firestorm Campaign

The Firestorm Campaigning system is from the BattleFront crew. I haven’t actually seen Firestorm Bagration – the book with the campaign system in it – but there is a fair bit publically available and it is fairly easy to fill in the gaps. I wanted to figure out whether the system would be applicable to game systems other than Flames of War, specifically Crossfire, so this page is what I could deduce about the campaign system from what I could find and filling the gaps myself.

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Mapless Campaign in WW2 using Crossfire

Crossfire Campaign Logo

I’ve written about Mapless Campaigns but Crossfire is sufficiently different as a game system, and the level of the game (company level WW2) that I thought I’d write a specific adaptation.

There are no maps in this campaign. Instead the players collect territories, and collecting territories makes a player more powerful. This is based on my earlier Mapless Campaigns, which was based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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What I like in a campaign / multi-player game

My first ventures in campaigns were two large, 12-14 player, Ancient/Medieval DBM Campaigns. One was called Europe 1100 AD and the other Europe 1455 AD. The mechanics were fairly simple being based on DBA campaigns but I quickly found problems and the campaigns petered out when people lost interest. I now favour even snappier campaign rules and less people.

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Mapless Campaigns

The premise of the Mapless Campaign system is that complicated campaigns involving maps with detailed map movement, and where losing a couple of battles seriously impairs a player’s chance of success, are doomed to peter out. There are no maps in this campaign but players get to collect territories. And collecting territories makes the player more powerful. It is based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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