Twilight of the Britons – A Battle Report 1

Britons-103 Army A - Warlord's Shieldwall - Banner

Vincent Tsao and I have been playing around with a version of Twilight of the Sun King for the early medieval period in Britain. I started with a rewrite of my original 2001 version of Twilight of the Sun King and incorporated ideas from Vincent’s Battle of Hastings variant. The result is called “Twilight of the Britons: Fast play rules for the English invasion of Britain”. I got Adam and Chris to give an early draft a go. So early I’d only written the rules that day, so isn’t wasn’t so good.

Summary: Too much dark age shield wall stodge. Not enough heroics. But a glimmer of hope for the rules.

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Battle of Hastings under Twilight of the Sun King

Hastings-13 Eager Fyrd pursue off hill - Banner

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to apply my Twilight of the Sun-King rules outside of the War of Spanish Succession. I’ve also recently developed a preference for big bases. It happens that this battle report by Tom Loback and Vincent Tsao, submitted on the Yahoo Forum, combines both. It applies a variant of Twilight of the Sun-King rules to a Medieval setting, the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, using units that are effectively big bases comprising four DBx elements in a group. I’ve put the battle report together with the photos. Both words and photos are Vincent’s.

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Optional Rules and Musings for Twilight of the Sun-King

The Yahoo Group: TwilightSK discuss various tweaks to the standard rules. In particular Tom Loback and Vincent Tsao of the Corlears Hook Fencibles generate lots of suggestions. This is my list of optional rules and/or musings based on that discussion. It is largely the suggestions of Tom and Vincent but with some twists of my own. Feel free to pick and choose from this list to tweak the official rules.

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