Bazookas versus Structures in Crossfire

Some musing on Bazookas versus Structures in Crossfire. There is a good argument that the added firepower of the Bazooka isn’t significant compared to the firepower dished out by the normal squad weapons (LMG in particular), but if you do want a rule then you’ve got choices here.

  1. If you follow Hit the Dirt (p. 32) you’ll give a squad armed with a Bazooka (or some such) 3d6 against targets in structures, and then modify it for protective cover, making it 2d6. This Bazooka shot is only allowed once per initiative, but is in addition to and separate from the squad’s normal firepower. Failure to suppress or kill with the Bazooka cause’s loss of initiative. Although Hit the Dirt does not say so, I assume a squad with a bazooka can group fire with itself, e.g. 2d6 for the Bazooka and 2d6 for the Rifles against a target in cover; if it can’t there is no benefit to having the Bazooka.
  2. However, this seems at odds with the Special Rule on HE against Structures, so the alternative I favour is to allow a Bazooka equipped squad to ignore protection of structures once per initiative, but only if the Bazooka is not used against vehicles that initiative. This means a Rifle Squad using a Bazooka gets 3d6 against stands in a building.

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