British Order of Battle in the New Zealand Wars

Some Orders of Battle for the British / Europeans of the New Zealand Wars.

Hone Heke’s War (1848)

58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot (The Black Cuffs’)

C.O. Lieutenant-Colonels E. B. and R. H. Wynyard, also C. Bridge. Sydney to NZ (1845). Participated in Northern War (Okaihau, Ohaeawai and Ruapekapeka), Wellington (Boulcott’s Farm, Horokiwi), and Wanganui (St John’s Wood). Garrisoned at Wanganui for extended period. Built Rutland stockade. Sailed (1858).

96th Regiment of Foot (‘The Bendovers’)

C.O. Lieutenant-Colonel W. Hulme. Stationed in Hobart. The Grenadier Company arrived in Wellington first (1841). Rest arrived in 1843/44. Hulme arrived with 4 officers and 105 men (Mar 1844). It was this portion which was involved in the Northern War (Kororareka, Puketutu). Other detachments participated at Wellington (Horokiwi). Returned to Hobart (1847).

99th (Lanarkshire Volunteers) Regiment of Foot (‘The Queen’s Pets’)

C.O. Lieutenant-Colonel H. Despard. Stationed in Sydney. Detachments arrived in 1845. Participated in Northern War (Ohaeawai, Ruapekapeka), and Wellington (Horokiwi). Returned to Sydney (1847).

Naval Brigade

Royal Marines and sailors combined to fight on land. Sailors often served as artillerymen. Participated in Northern War (Kororareka, Otuihu, Puketutu, Oheawai, Ruapekapeka), Wellington (Porirua, kidnap of Te Rauparaha), First Taranaki War (Waireka), Waikato (Rangiriri), and Tauranga (Gate Pa).

The First Taranaki War (1860)

12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot (‘The Old Dozen’)

14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot (‘The Old and Bold’)

18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot (‘Paddy’s Blackguards’)

40th (Somersetshire) Regimet of Foot (‘The Excellers’)

43rd (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry (Wolfe’s Own)

50th (Queen’s Own) Regiment of Foot (‘Dirty Half-Hundred’)

57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot (‘The Die Hards’)

65th (Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot (‘The Royal Tigers’)

68th (Durham) Light Infantry (‘The Failful Durhams’)

70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot (‘The Glasgow Greys’)

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