Crossfire Order of Battle for the Portuguese Colonial War

Portuguese Commando Combat Group 02

These are the orders of battle for Fogo Cruzado my Crossfire variant of for the Portuguese Colonial War of the 1960s and 1970s. They are based on the historical orders of battle. As Fogo Cruzado is more or less 1:1 scale the basic stand is a Fire Team rather than a Squad. Similarly heavier weapons such as Medium Machine Guns (MMG) are individual weapons rather than sections of 2 or 3.

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Steven’s 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán

Regulares P1030361 Company Commander side

I’m building up the 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán from Column Asensio of 1936. Battalion Code = “T” for Tabor or Turban or Tetuán within the Unit ID for Crossfire.

As long as you led from the front
where they [the Moroccans] could clearly see you upright,
they would follow.

Alferez Juan Crespo.

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Steven’s Russian Naval Infantry Battalion

Naval-108 Storm Party - Banner

Russian Naval Infantry feature heavily in accounts of Stalingrad and Sevastopol, so I couldn’t resist when BattleFront put out a pack. I got enough for a Crossfire battalion. I painted them in two weeks which I now regret as it would have helped to have new glasses before I did it. Then it took a year before I finally found a flocking style to use. I use the Black Undercoat Method.

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Steven’s Blue Division Battalion

The Spanish Blue Division is what got me into WW2. Officially the 250th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht and comprising Spanish Volunteers, this unit was also know as the Spanish Volunteer Division, Division Azul, or the Blue Division. They are Spanish, of course, but I use them as Germans when needed.

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