Chris’s Alba Picts (aka Mysterious Painted People)

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign Chris Harrod picked the Picts. All of the Picts. In other words he wanted all of the options in the Pict Army List. A fine aspiration.

Figures are Essex, QRF: Feudal Castings, Museum Miniatures, and Outpost Miniatures. Painting by Chris.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA II/68b)

DBA. II/68b. Pictish. 500AD-846AD

Official:1x3CV or 3Sp (Gen), 2x2LH, 6x3Sp, 3x2Ps; Littoral

Chris has the entire DBA army, with all options, although the army he fielded on the Big Day had more HOTT to it.

Pict DBA Army

1 x 3Cv (Gen) (Riders) – Mounted General

The man himself. This is the guy Chris fielded.

Pict General

1 x 4Sp (Gen) (Spears) – Foot General

Just in case

Pict Standby General

2 x 2LH (Riders) – Cavalry

Pictish Nobles at their drunken best (check out the guy on the right).

Pict Cavalry

6 x 3Sp (Spears) – Spearmen

Chris decided 3 figures (3Sp) was too few and went for 4 figures per base (4Sp).

Pict Spear

3 x 2Ps (Shooters) – Archers or Crossbowmen

Ooops, bases were too big (40x30mm not 40x20mm)

Pict Shooters

Camp / Stronghold

A stone circle, of course. In this case a Druidess is using the power of the stones to de-ensorcel a colleague (the chicken in the middle).

Pict Camp – Stone circle

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

Chris wanted it all and he got it …

Spears: If 6 isn’t enough try 8

Riders: If 2 isn’t enough try 3

Shooters: How about 8 of them

Warband: Naked Fanatics anyone?


Sneakers: Sheep russlers



God: The Moragan
And he fielded her too

God: Danu

Flyers: Ravens
Chris hand crafted these

Flyers: Ravens
A top view

Lurkers: Ambush Party
These are Picts after all

Beasts: War Dogs

Beasts: War Dogs

Water Lurker: Cuaragh

Magician (1): Shaman and friends

Magician (1): Different angle

Magician (1): As Chickens

Magician (2): Witches

Magician (2): As Chickens

Hordes: Naked

Pict Hordes x 12

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