Coat D’arms Paints

I adopted Coat D’arms as my paints of choice when I moved to the UK. They are good acrylic paints in convenient little flip top bottles and very similar to the paints I was using in NZ. In fact Coat D’arms are the old Citadel range for those of you who are GW people.

Where to get them

Coat D’arms are now produced by Black Hat Miniatures. You can buy it on their Coat D’Arms Paints page.

Cote D'arms Range

Cote D’arms Range of Paints

Converting from Vallejo to Coat D’arms Paints

The downside of using Coat D’arms, for me anyway, is that painting guides on the web, and on the BattleFront site in particular, refer to the Vallejo or the new Citadel ranges but not Coat D’arms. I’ve little idea what paints I should use.

I made a comparison chart of my own but have removed it because you can find a better one at Silicon Dragons Colour Conversion Chart (was – now dead).

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