Company Sized Group Moves for Crossfire

Some musing on Company Sized Group Moves for Crossfire. Based on ideas by Nikolas Lloyd published in the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum.

I’m sure Russian command was up to the job of ordering a lot of men forwards at once. I allow BIG group moves, using an extension of the command system. Just as a PC can order all his subordinate squads forward if he can see them, so a CC can order all the platoons forward, if he can see all his PCs. You could go up to Battalion if you wished. However, this is no good unless you also do the same thing for reactive fire. This would mean that a Battalion human wave charging a platoon would probably suffer a fair few casualties, but then wipe out the platoon. A Battalion human-wave charging a Battalion, though, would be mincemeat in seconds.

Excerpt from Nikolas Lloyd published in the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum. Really only applies before radios were common.

What I did play, was that troops from one unit could not move, or fire mortars (but could shoot) in support of another unit, unless a more senior officer in command of that potentially-supporting unit could see the need. This, for one thing, gives more senior commanders something to do, but it also stops a rather gamesy thing that CF gamers might otherwise abuse.

Example: a unit manages to suppress an enemy unit, but has no clear safe route to close combat that unit. Another platoon, the other side of the board, far out of sight and part of a different company, and not being needed, then pulls back, runs across the table, craftily picks a safe route to the suppressed unit, kills it in close combat, and then goes back to its starting position.

How the blinking flip did that other platoon know it was needed? If this play tactic were used against a newbie, he might be fairly understood to doubt the rules.

If the company commander of that adventurous platoon were in a position to see his platoon and the suppressed enemy, THEN it could be understood. THEN people might bring their CCs forward where they could see more. If a senior officer is moved to a position where he can see the need, then he may not order the move in the same initiative, a bit like FOOs not being allowed to call in fire after they have moved (* see below).

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