Converting from Panzer Korps to Megablitz

Panzer Korps HQ Yahoo Group has quite a few free scenarios. I’m not interested in trying a different rule set but the scenarios did seem suitable for transferring to Megablitz. These are my rough notes for doing a conversion.

Category Panzer Korps Megablitz
Time Scale 1 Turn = 1 Day but each turn is made up of a variable number of 2-hour Day Segments, with a single night segment. Turns are officially two hours but what is more important is the number of day light turns in a day. Martin Rapier recommends short days (4-6 turns) so there are plenty of days and logistics becomes important. Assume 3 hour turns if you prefer.
Figure/Base Ratio Nominally 1 stand = 1 company but the battalion is the manoeuvre unit. Companies move and shoot together as part of a battalion. Generally 1 stand = 1 battalion
Category Panzer Korps Megablitz
5-12mm 15-20mm  5-12mm 15-20mm
Ground Scale 1 cm = 50 meters
20cm on table = 1km
1” = 50 meters
50cm on table = 1km
2cm on table = 1km
4cm on table = 1km
Table Size 5′ x 3′ = 7.5km x 4.5km 8′ x 5′ = 4.8km x 3km 6′ x 4′ = 90km x 60km 6′ x 4′ = 45km x 30km
Unopposed infantry movement 6cm per move
90cm per day = 4.5 km (silly)
  10cm = 5km per move
Up to 30km per day
20cm = 5km per move
up to 30k per day

2 thoughts on “Converting from Panzer Korps to Megablitz”

  1. I’ve been thinking of using Panzer Korps scenarios for Megablitz also. Here are some extra things I have found out.
    Turn scale: Each turn in Panzer Korps is 2 hours just like in Megablitz. Each turn has verible number of 30 minute segments.. This is why the infantry movement seems so slow. In Panzer Korps game each unit would have upto 4 chances to move each turn.
    Table size: Many of the table maps in Panzer Korps are actually way under sized. This is esspecially true for East Front and Desert scenarios. I’ve found that dividing the size by half rounding down gives a pretty accurate table size for Megablitz


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