Converting GURPS to Fudge RPG

I just bought GURPS Aztecs – I like the New World flavour – so I wondered how to convert GURPS characters to Fudge RPG. These are just rough thoughts. If I ever convert some GURPS characters I’ll add some examples, etc.

GURPS Ladder Conversion

Steffan O’Sullvan’s Recent Thoughts on Fudge has a suggestion for how to convert from GURPS traits to Fudge traits (this is also on p. 57 of the Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition):

GURPS Fudge Adjective Fudge Level
19 or more Superb +3
16-18 Great +2
14-15 Good +1
12-13 Fair 0
9-11 Mediocre -1
6-8 Poor -2
5 or less Terrible -3

Converting Attributes

The GURPS attributes of Strength (ST), Dexterity (DX), Intelligence (IQ), and Health (HT) just become Fudge attributes using the ladder conversion above.

Hit Points (HP) – Use Fudge Damage Capacity instead.

Will – Either use IQ or have Will as a separate attribute defaulting to IQ.

Perception (Per) – Either use IQ or have Perception as a separate attribute defaulting to IQ.

Fatigue Points (FP) – Either use HT or have Endurance as a separate attribute defaulting to HT.

Basic Speed – Either use HT or DX or have Reflexes as a separate attribute default to the average (round down) of HT and DX. Personally I’d just use DX.

Converting Skills

GURPS skills also convert to Fudge using the ladder conversion. Use the GURPS final skill level. Bear in mind that a GURPS skill = controlling attribute + skill level. Once in Fudge the skill is no longer based on a controlling attribute.

The following Skills and Skill Groups are taken from GURPS:

Animal: Animal Handling (H), Falconry, Packing (H), Riding (S), Teamster (S), Veterinary (H)

Artistic: Artist (H), Bard, Calligraphy, Dancing, Musical Instrument (SH), Poetry, Sculpting, Singing (E), Writing

Athletic: Acrobatics (H), Breath Control (V), Jumping (E), Riding (->Animal), Running (H), Skiing (H), Sports (S), Swimming (E), Throwing (H), Weapon Skill (->Combat/Weapon); Body Sense (AH), Flight (A)

Combat/Weapon: Axe/Mace, Axe Throwing (E), Blackjack (E), Blowpipe (H), Bolas, Bow (H), Brawling (E), Broadsword, Buckler (E), Crossbow (E), Fast-Draw (SE), Fencing, Flail (H), Judo (H), Karate (H), Knife (E), Knife Throwing (E), Lance, Lasso, Net (H), Polearm, Shield (E), Shortsword, Sling (H), Spear, Spear Thrower, Spear Throwing (E), Staff (H), Thrown Weapon (SE), Two-Handed Axe/Mace, Two-Handed Sword, Whip; Boxing (A), Cloak (A), Throwing Stick (AE), Wrestling (A)

Craft: Blacksmith, Carpentry (E), Cooking (E), Jeweler (H), Leatherworking (E), Mechanic, Pottery, Shipbuilding (H), Woodworking

Hobby (V): various; Games (ASE)

Language: Language (S), Gesture (SE), Sign Language (S)

Magical (V): Flight (->Athletic), Spell Throwing (AE)

Medical: Diagnosis (H), First Aid (E), Hypnotism (H), Physician (H), Surgery (V)

Outdoor: Area Knowledge (->Social), Boating (->Vehicle), Climbing, Fishing (E), Naturalist (H), Navigation (H), Seamanship (E), Survival (S), Tracking; Hiking (A), Orienteering (A)

Professional (V): Accounting (H), Heraldry, Law (H)

Psionic (V): Mind Block (A), Flight (->Athletic)

Priest (V): see below

Scientific (H): Agronomy, Alchemy (V), Anthropology (H), Archaeology (H), Architecture, Astronomy (H), Economics (H), History (H), Linguistics (V), Literature (H), Mathematics (H), Naturalist (->Outdoor), Occultism, Prospecting, Psychology (H), Research, Theology (S), Zoology (H); Cryptanalysis (AH), Philosophy (ASH)

Social: Acting, Administration, Area Knowledge (SE), Bard (->Artistic), Carousing, Diplomacy (H), Fast-Talk, Gambling, Leadership, Merchant, Performance, Politics, Savoir-Faire (E), Sex Appeal, Strategy (H), Tactics (H), Teaching; Intimidation (A)

Thief/Spy: Acting (->Social), Climbing (->Outdoor), Camouflage (E), Detect Lies (H), Disguise, Escape (H), Forgery (H), Holdout, Interrogation, Lip Reading, Lockpicking, Pickpocket (H), Poisons (H), Scrounging (E), Shadowing, Sleight of Hand (H), Stealth, Streetwise, Tracking (->Outdoor), Traps, Ventriloquism (H); Cryptanalysis (->Scientific), Initimidation (->Social)

Vehicle: Boating, Driving (S), Teamster (->Animal)

Converting Image and Looks

Good looks, Charisma and Voice in GURPS all become Fudge Gifts.

Being Unattractive, Ugly or Hideous, or having Odious Personal Habits, are all Fudge Faults.

Converting Advantages to Gifts

GURPS advantages become Fudge Gifts and disadvantages become Faults. No surprise there.

Some Gifts (Advantages) taken from GURPS:

Absolute Direction, Absolute Timing, Acute Hearing, Acute Taste and Smell, Acute Vision, Ambidexterity, Animal Empathy, Clerical Investment, Combat Reflexes, Common Sense, Danger Sense, Double-Jointed, Eidetic Memory, Empathy, High Pain Treshhold, Immunity to Disease, Intuition, Language Talent, Legal Enforcement Powers, Lightning Calculator, Literacy, Longevity, Luck, Magical Aptitude (Margery), Magic Resistance, Mathematical Ability, Military Rank (S), Musical Ability, Night Vision, Peripheral Vision, Psionic Resistance, Rapid Healing, Reputation (S), Status (S), Toughness [->Tough Hide], Unusual Background (S), Voice, Wealth

Allies (S), Patrons (S)

Ally Group (S), Alternate Identity (S), Blessed, Contacts (S),

Destiny (S), Favor (S), Fearlessness, Legal Immunity, Unfazeable

Disadvantages to Faults

Some Faults (Disadvantages) taken from GURPS:

Social: Odious Personal Habits (S), Poverty, Primitive, Reputation (S), Social Stigma, Status (S); Destiny (S), Duty (Involuntary) (S), Secret (S), Weirdness Magnet

Physical: Age, Alibinism, Bad Sight, Blindness, Color Blindness, Deafness, Dwarfism, Epilepsy, Eunuch, Fat, Gigantism, Hard of Hearing, Hemophilia, Lame, Low Pain Treshhold, Mute, No Sense of Smell/Taste (Anosmia), One Arm, One Eye, One Hand, One Leg, Overweight, Skinny, Stuttering, Youth; Terminally Ill

Mental: Absent-Mindedness, Addiction, Alcoholism, Bad Temper, Berserk, Bloodlust, Bully, Code of Honor (S), Combat Paralysis, Compulsive Behavior (S), Compulsive Lying, Cowardice, Delusions, Dyslexia, Fanatism (S), Gluttony, Greed, Gullibility, Honesty, Impulsiveness, Intolerance, Jealosy, Kleptomania, Laziness, Lecherousness, Megalomania, Miserliness, Overconfidience, Pacifism, Paranoia, Phobias (S), Pyromania, Sadism, Sense of Duty, Shyness, Split Personality, Stubborness, Truthfulness, Unluckiness, Vow; Amnesia (S), Compulsive Carousing, Compulsive Behavior (Generosity), Compulsive Behavior (Spendthrift), Curious, Cursed, Flashbacks (S), Glory Hound, Incompetence (S), Jinxed, Manic-Depressive, No Sense of Humor, Obsession, On the Edge, Trademark (S)

Dependents (S), Duties (S), Enemies (S)

Converting Quirks

GURPS Quirks either become Gifts or Faults or just become colour.


FUDGE Fantasy Extensions by Th. Siemens

Rather than type them out myself I copied the lists of GURPS skills, advantages and disadvantages from here.

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