Converting Strands of Fate Back to Fate RPG

In my opinion Strands of Fate by VoidStar is one of the more extreme versions of Fate RPG 3.0. However there are some interesting scenarios available on-line for Strands of Fate from VoidStar. I’d like to use the scenarios with Free Fate (from Yahoo Group: Fate RPG in the Files section) as this is more likely to reflect the published Fate RPG 3.0 when it comes out. These are my thoughts on how to convert scenarios from Strands of Fate to Free Fate.

Differences about Strands of Fate

Strands of Fate makes some sweeping changes to other Fate 3.0 variations. I’ve merged the points from Evil Hat: Comparison of various versions of Fate, Voidstar: Strands of Fate, and Stargazersworld: Strands of Fate.

  • Abandoned the Adjective Ladder. Levels are just numbers. In contrast, in Fudge RPG the adjectives were more important than the numbers.
  • Replaced some Fate Terms. “Shifts”, “tag” and “efforts” have been replaced by other terms.
  • Replaced Skills with 12 Abilities. To me these are like the Fudge Attributes that Fate originally merged into skills; all things come around. The Abilities are fixed for all genres. Genre-specific concepts are introduced using aspects and advantages. The Abilities are in three groups:
    • PHYSICAL: Agility, Endurance, Perception, Strength
    • KNOWLEDGE: Craft, Knowledge, Reasoning, Willpower
    • SOCIAL: Deception, Empathy, Persuasion, Resources
  • Three stress tracks. The Mental stress track joins Physical and Social. So there is one Stress Track for each group of Abilities. You can add others, for example, Mana or Wealth.
  • Categorise Aspect as Character Aspect or Specialty Aspect. Character and Specialty Aspects are used in conjunction with Advantages to more specifically define the capabilities a character might have. Basically the character’s place is in the world and what the character is especially good (or bad) at respectively.
  • Add Persistent Aspects. Some aspects are “always on” and don’t require Fate points to use.
  • Replace Stunts with Advantages. And they now come in three tiers of increasing complexity. Expert advantages grant a bonus on using a specific ability. Heroic advantages cost Fate points to use. Powers are supernatural powers.
  • Skills = Abilities + Aspects + Advantages. For example, a soldier shooting a gun would roll his Agility ability, invoke his “US Marine” Aspect, and gain +1 bonus from his Weapon Specialist Advantage.
  • Stress Tracks, Conflicts and Consequences
  • Crunchier Equipment. Some equipment gives dice roll bonuses or even additional aspects.

Example Strands of Fate Character

Here’s an example from Generic RPG No Bones About It.

Totomi (Ashiguru)

Totomi is a dedicated solder. He will follow the orders of his Samurai to the death.

Character Aspects (stay Aspects in Free Fate)

  • Loyal Soldier of the Anayama Clan
  • I will Follow my Masters orders to the letter
  • Family is taken care of by Samurai
  • I will guard this land from disorder
  • I will Follow my master even to his Death

Specialty Aspects (more Aspects in Free Fate)

  • Your yari is an extension of your body (Strength)
  • Knows the Local Area (Knowledge)
  • Dedication (Willpower)
  • Protector of the Peasants (Persuasion)
  • Owned man (Resources)

Abilities (Either ignored, or become Aspects or Skills)

  • PHYSICAL: Agility: 3; Endurance: 2; Perception: 2; Strength: 3; Stress: 5
  • KNOWLEDGE: Craft: 2; Knowledge: 2; Reasoning: 2; Willpower: 2; Stress: 4
  • SOCIAL: Empathy: 2; Deception: 2; Persuasion: 2; Resources: 1; Stress: 3

Advantages (become Stunts or Aspects)

  • (1) Weapon Specialist – Polearms and Spears
  • (2) Weapon Expertise – Yari
  • (1) Fleet of Foot
  • (2) Last Stand
  • (1) Alertness
  • (2) Resilient


  • Yari (Spear)
  • Ashiguru Armor



The source for Strands of Fate. Unfortunately just broken links now: and

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