Arnhem 17-25 Sep 1944

In the English speaking world at least, Arnhem is one of the defining battles of World War II. Vince Lody from the Shed ran a multi-player Crossfire game based on the last stand of the Paras at Arnhem. A last stand poses certain challenges for a scenario designer, i.e. you know the defender has to lose, so I wondered what other aspects of the battle would make for interesting gaming. I’ve sketched out the course of the battle and outlined what I think might make interesting scenarios.

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Multiplayer Pocket – A Three Table Crossfire Scenario

Multi-player Pocket - Crossfire - Banner

I was asked to run a one-day Crossfire game for 6-8 members of the Guildford Wargames Club. This is what I came up with. It was designed to use all the WW2 / Eastern Front infantry I had at the time – one battalion a side – plus supporting equipment, however, with play testing I decided to increase the forces of each player to at least 1 company. This meant the total forces on each side ended up being 4 Infantry Companies + 1 Infantry Platoon + 2 AFV + 2 or 3 ATG.

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Free For All Campaign

In his article “The East is Ablaze: 1919-1926” Chris Peers outlined a simple but effective method for running a campaign without a map, and ignoring all those pesky things that can bog a campaign down (politics, diplomacy, economics and logistics).

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Wargaming Campaigns for DBx, DBA, HOTT, DBM and DBR

I am a fan of campaigns and I’ve tried a few things involving the DBx family of tactical rules. The campaign system included in DBA/HOTT is ideal for one day events. And the same DBA/HOTT campaign system can be tweaked to make campaigns with more detailed tactical rules; I’ve run a couple of big DBM campaigns like this. But over time I have returned to the basics and used DBA/HOTT for the tactical rules as well. My latest initiative like this was Britannia 600 AD. DBA/HOTT are also a good complement for campaigns using Engle Matrix Games.

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Engle Matrix Game as a Wargaming Campaign

Hamster Press

The essence of Engle Matrix Games is that they allow you to do whatever you want to, so long as you can make a logical argument. You play a leading general of the period. Each turn you get to make one argument/order about what you want to happen that turn. You can make arguments for your side, to cause problems for the other side, or to change the rules! (No more than one level of rule change.)

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Small DBR Campaign for Two Players

These rules are for a small DBR campaign involving two main protagonists in a relatively small region – possibly a minor part of a larger war or a conflict between two regional nobles. The rules were inspired by The Wargames Foundry Campaign rules included with the 1644 rule set.

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