Crossfire House Rules for the Arab-Israeli Wars

I’ve started compiling some Crossfire amendments for refighting the Arab-Israeli conflicts. I’ve also started putting together scenarios – particularly for 1948-49.

This is just an abbreviated list of my Crossfire House Rules that are relevant to the Arab-Israeli Wars, and how to apply them in this war.


Use rocky areas, boulder fields, and lots of crests and depressions. Lines of sight are a bit longer than in a normal CF setup, but the game works fine.

See also musings on Crossfire in Western Desert.


The Aircraft special rule is applicable to the Arab-Israeli wars. The air superiority modifier depends on which year the games is being played in:

Year Air Superiority Modifier
Israel Arab
1948 – 55 0 0
1956 – 66 +1 0
1967 – 72 +3 0
1973 – 81 +1 0
1982 + +2 0

AFV actions

The AFV actions special rule can be used.

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