Making Wargaming Terrain: Streams

Homemade Streams 6 variety of shapes - Banner

I am experimenting with using my 6mm terrain with 15mm figures on a DBA/HOTT sized table. The trouble is I’ve only got a small collection of 6mm terrain and this is from old Military Miniatures range crafted by Mark Strachan. I like the terrain, and the paint job by Gordon Roach, but Military Miniatures morphed into BattleFront and they no longer sell this stuff. So I decided to supplement my collection by making my own.

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Making Wargaming Terrain: Styrofoam Hills

Maipo 223138 from Patriot side

I’ve been looking at making my own hills. Big hills to complement the smaller commercial hills I’ve already purchased. I knew I should use High Density Polystyrene which is otherwise called Blue or Pink Foam. But I was struggling to find that. Luckily, after a bit of googling, I found a good explanation of Styrofoam on Blue Foam, Pink Foam, Foamboard and Styrofoam.

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Triangular Buildings for Diagonal Streets on a Wargaming Table

A while ago I played a Crossfire game called 2 Foot City. It was fought on a 2’x2′ cityscape. Since then I’ve played a few more games in heavily built up areas and they have all been on an assumed square grid. The trouble with a square grid is you only get streets that exactly fit the grid, i.e. vertical or horizontal, with no diagonals. Lately I’ve been wondering how to superimpose diagonal streets on my urban grid.

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