Rhine Crossing ala Rapid Fire – A Crossfire Scenario

Table - Rhine Crossing - Crossfire - Banner

This Crossfire scenario is based on the Rhine Crossing scenario by Durston (1996) although I converted it from Rapid Fire to Crossfire. Since then I have discovered serious historical flaws in the scenario. It might work as a game but the historical bugs annoyed me so I started playing with a couple of alternatives:

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Tank attack at Sesena – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War – featuring the brand new Republican T-26 tanks fresh off the boats from the USSR. Historically the Republican armour mauled Nationalist Cavalry in the streets of Seseña then destroyed an Italian tankette squadron. They were only driven off by Legionnaires getting personal with petrol bombs.

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